Nowisee's Mother's of Buzz

Grow note
All were watered yesterday and given Cal Mag and tribus original according to directions.

All is well in the veg/ future flower tent.

Started topping today,
Just one today…more to come in the coming days.

Looks like I have nasty critter eating leaves in the Mother’s of Buzz tent.

Grow note clones got fed today week 4 FF schedule.
Clones only…trying to slow down mother’s.
I will water all next time I water clones.

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And it is obviously a descent size…and busy…2nd location spotted today circled…
( the smiley was just entertainment)
Probably one of those green caterpillars that are tough to spot…
And seems to be immune to neem oil and Jack’s dead bug so far.

The cream of the crop from the children of Buzz buzz buzz buzz… I like to say that like a Cheesy Electronics store commercial…

They are finally being blasted with 30 DLI at approx 105 watts… and 24in from canopy.
Haven’t quite decided how many I will flower…thinking 3 but not sure yet.
I think I’m somewhere around 4 weeks out from that though.

I do believe she is going to be a monster crop… I should know for sure in the next couple days.

And The mothers of Buzz buzz buzz buzz are doing well, but, I am getting a little bit itchy.
I’m thinking they need to be chopped back a whole bunch next trim.
Probably will take a few more clones off of them to be on the safe side. Chop them back to as small as possible…or I may just put them to rest … decisions decisions…


Grow note
I’m getting old, I keep forgetting, but I watered yesterday, that would be Thursday.
Next feeding sunday…

Hey guys quick question on the hlg 260 B spec.
Wondering if I should be going by a different measurement than DLI.
For example my light is set at 24 in canopy 30 DLI on the 4th setting on dimmer dial.
If 30 DLI is the optimal DLI for vegging my girls… I feel like this light will be under utilized, never getting below a 24 inch Canopy and never going above the 4th setting on the dimmer dial.
The way that I’m measuring it now I will never get above 40% of this light capabilty during vegging,unless I move the light up as I increase the wattage dimmer dial.
I’ve got to be doing something wrong please advise.
Thanks in advance.

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That sounds about right. The 260 is enough light to flower a 2x4 tent.

260W LED V2 Rspec® Board XL LED Kit

260 Watt Lamp Kit. High Efficiency QB288 V2 Rspec® Quantum Boards® powered with Samsung LM301H. Suited for main light and supplement lighting. 3 ft. long heatsink for a wider spread. New updated Inventronics driver allows full range dimming with included potentiometer.

Length: 891mm, Width: 205mm

Dimmable 30-250 Watts
Veg Footprint 4’ x 4’
Recommended Flower Footprint 2’ x 4’

Whoops. You said b-Spec. That should veg a 4x4:

260W LED V2 Bspec® LED Kit

260 Watt Lamp Kit. High Efficiency QB288 V2 Bspec® Quantum Boards® powered with Samsung LM301H and Blue 470nm LED. Suited for veg lighting. New updated Inventronics driver allows full range dimming with included potentiometer.

Dimmable 30-250 Watts
Length 600mm
Width 205mm
Veg Footprint 4’ x 4’
Recommended Flower Footprint Veg Use Only

Thanks Newt
So you do all your vegging pretty much at the same spot , 4 on the potentiometer?.. approximately 105 watts and you never go above that?

These are the candidates for flowering.
Transplanted yesterday.

These 3 are most likely going to be my new mothers.
Sweet sammy…the yellowing one…
Purple Hindu clone Francescastein the monster crop 0.1 in the middle… and purple Hindu clone 0.1

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I use my SpiderFarm SF2000 for vegging. But yeah… It’s never maxed, I just adjust for target DLI.

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Cool cool thanks… @Newt

Grow note
All were fed today.

Sounds good, yeah just don’t need a lot of light for vegging, specially with the Bspec.

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Thanks my friend.
I hope all is well.

Things are starting to come together in the veg/flower tent.
The Children of Buzz are happy and healthy. I Will start training in a couple days.

I will be saying goodbye to the original mothers of Buzz this weekend. Sweet Sammy and purple Rae have found a home.
I need the room.
My brother will take them, keep them alive and grow them out this summer.
Very happy about this.
I really didn’t want to chop them.

In the veg tent, I have topped 2 of the 4 clones and watered all.

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Clone of the Day.
Let me introduce you to Noel Rae.
She sprouted her roots and was put in soil Christmas Day.
She has been the strongest of all Clones…and is growing noticeably every day.
Can’t wait to see what she produces in flower in a couple months.:grin:

In the mother tent.
The Mothers are Savoring there last days with there children… however FrancescaStein is very upset that she didn’t get a monster crop sister from sweet Sammy… she feels very alone and being picked on because she only has three leaves…

In the veg tent Noel and the ladies are growing in Leaps and Bounds.
Very excited!

This is love

So officially out of 13 clones, 12 have survived…2 Are struggling… all 3 due to operator error…
So possibly 3 lost out of 10…
Not bad! + new clones in the Clone Dome Dome Dome Dome.
I’m also growing margaritas!

Noel is magnificent and plans are coming together.
And FrancescaStein is unfortunately still getting picked on for only having three leafs!

I’m going to miss sammy and Rae…
There Production is magnificent under The HLG65 V2…
bothe very different.!
They are Clone machines.

Do start feeding your plants after transplant in FFOF immediately.?
Or do you wait 4 weeks before you start feeding?

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