Nowisee's Mother's of Buzz

Thanks Newt…
Came back to Kind of a mess, but, everything is still alive…they certainly missed me.
That was a tough trip!
My father is not suffering anymore…
Thank fully.

The mothers of Buzz got a good trim yesterday after getting back and were given each 3/4 of a gallon of water pH at 6.5

Francesca FrankieStein is still alive and seems to be moving forward, not quite thriving yet… but she’s moving forward… she’s almost ready to be treated like a regular plant I think.

The rest of the children of Buzz. Are doing okay… a couple of them had a couple setbacks, with me being gone. But they have bounced back pretty quickly…
At this time every clone is in dirt and is still alive.

(Said in my Frankenstein voice)

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Hey my Freind just put in my hlg 260 B spec… was wondering what you were doing for your distance between canopy and light and suggested DLI on your veg tent?

I don’t really measure the distance routinely, but somewhere around 18" above. I do measure DLI and currently I am running a DLI of ~30. If KK 0.3 wasn’t vegging alongside the clones, I’d back down to about 22-23.

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Thanks buddy

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The new HLG 260 BSPEC in the tent.
Received my 260 RSpec yesterday.
I Will put the flower tent together In 2 to 4 weeks.
Maybe sooner😁

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The mothers of Buzz got a half a gallon of water each with calmag.

All clones pictured below were watered like regular Plants today, with a quarter teaspoon per 1/2 gallon mixture, of Hawaiian bud and Bloom.

All of these are the second batch of clones that I am still nurturing.
They are close, but not quite ready for the big time.

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Sweet Sammy produces some of the longest stems on the fan leaves I’ve ever seen…
These aren’t even the longest ones.

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The Inn at the Clone Dome has vacancies.

And the Mothers Of Buzz?

The gnome says:
“the buds left on these mothers is rotten man”
(in his Chong voice)

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Alot of work done today…gearing up and getting ready.!
Cleaned the veg tent and the
Flower tent is up.!

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The clone dome is closed for business…

Decided to put the 260 Bspec in the flower tent, to veg all clone canidates.

25 inches from canopy with A DLI of 20 at the moment.
(I will be dropping it as the clones get more established)
All clones were watered to runoff.
Some were fed 1/4 tsp per 1/2 gallon,
Others just h20.

And the mothers of buzz are chilling.
Back under the HLG 65V2.
This light has been awesome.
It reveged these 2 plants, and now I’m going to try and limit growth with it as much as possible.
It is at 15 inches from canopy, with 20 DLI.
Both mothers were given 3/4 of a gallon of water.

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Running at approximately 80 watts @ 24" from canopy with a DLI at 20 on the clones at the moment.

Pics of some of the clones…

And Francesca FrankieStein?
She’s doing much better and not sure if shes a monster crop.
Only time will tell!


Got a variety of colors…not sure I like it much, hopefully ill be able to get it dialed in and healthier in the coming days.

Not sure if it’s to much light or lacking nutes…
So backed off light a couple of inches and fed.
Doing a little experiment some I fed with Fish Emultion, some with my special chicken shit tea and some with Hawaiian bud and bloom 1 teaspoon per gallon…
The chickenshit tea I used to nurse franchesca back to life…
Hawaiian bud and Bloom has been working good. The only question mark Is the fish emulsion.
Never the less, interested to see if there are any Stark differences and or improvements on health.
Also thinking that the soil I used may be lacking the nutrients needed.

The Mothers of Buzz were fed week 4 FF schedule.
Three-quarters of a gallon each.

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Starting to get some more healthier looking color out of the new growth on the clones…Pretty sure to much light! To fast!
I always get nervous right around this time of growth.

My favorite clone of the day.

Mother’s got Trimmed and watered.


Too much light too fast… Nailed it. Once they are in dirt, I keep mine under the T5 for another week at least. I learned that lesson the hard way. Nearly killed the KK 0.3 clone that is now Twisted Sister. She looked like this from “Too much light too fast.” on 10/15:

“I turned her into a Newt”.

“She got better.”


Ya I’ve got 2 of those now…lol.
Definitely moved to quick.
I reopened the Clone Dome a couple days ago and have some recovering.

Looking forward to twisted sister in the flower tent.
Should be fun to watch!

Out of likes again…


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Not much habening…
All is well…
Francesca does have me leaning toward a monster crop. (I was hoping she would be)should know in about a week.
So far nothing but three leaves.

Clone of the day.
Sweet Sammy .01

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Grow note all were fed today.

The Mothers of Buzz are chilling.

Francesca FrankyStein is looking very good, with a healthy color and she still has some Reveged leaves on her…

In the future flower tent,
Actually Vedge tent number 2 at the moment…
The strongest of the children of Buzz are chilling under the 260 B spec on its lowest setting @ 27 inches from canopy.
30 watts… started out at 80 w dropped it down to 55 Watts but it was still too bright for the youngins so drop it down to 30.

My next project to be risen from the dead, due to my abuse in light exposure.
Poor thing… I know not what I do.

All the rest of the children of Buzz are under their mothers careful eye… under the hlg 65 V 2 with the exception of one Sammy clone, that I put on the side of the Clone Dome
for some reviving… she wasn’t looking too good this morning.

And this here is the clone of the day.
As I’ve said earlier I’ve been testing different nutrients on different plants and have had the greatest response from week 4 FF nutrients.
This clone had me a little concerned 2 days ago but after feeding week 4 FF NUTRIENTS she showed the most positive reaction that I’ve seen so far.
I went from concern to very happy with her progress…
Next feeding I will start adding tribus original to the nutrients.
I will probably continue with week 4 FF on the rest of the clones since I got the best response from it.