Nowisee's Mother's of Buzz

The first set was really wet.
I soaked the plugs…I should know better! The directions said to do it on rapid rooter plugs…
Now that you mention it…pretty stupid on my part…lol
That’s probably the problem…
… the second set I didn’t soak, I put the Clones directly into them just as they came moist in the bag…
These do look a little better… so that’s probably the difference…

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I don’t soak them at all. If they are dry out of the bag, I just add enough distilled water to “moisten” them.

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So now that I have some in soil… I’ve been misting them twice daily… the soil I put them in was moist not extremely wet but not dry either.
How long do you wait until you start watering?

In the cubes, I just add a few drops of water as needed to keep the cubes moist. Once in the dirt, I will usually draw a ring of drops in about a 2" radius around the stem, daily (maybe a teaspoon or two in total). Once they show good growth, I threat them like any other plant - water to runoff when the soil is dry and light.

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Thanks for everything! and then how quickly do you start feeding?? About the same time? They are in FF Light Warrior seed starter. Then Will be going in to ffof soil at transplant.

Not sure. I don’t think the light warrior has much if any nutes in it, but the ocean forest is really hot. They won’t need anything in the OF for about 3 weeks.

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What soil do you use? For your clones?

FF Happy Frog. And I don’t feed in it, unless they’ve been there for 3 weeks. But Light Warrior may be similar, I really don’t know.

But a typical clone to flower progression of me would be:

  1. Cube
  2. Veg in FFHF until move to final planter then
  3. FFOF

I feed after 3 weeks in either, and I feed full strength from that point.

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Thanks buddy!

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The Mothers of Buzz are doing well.
Rae’s stems are starting to turn a more normal color…
Glad to see!

Five of the first seven clones that went into plugs, have made it into soil.!
The system is working!.. all of their Roots popped in between the 9th and the 15th day.
The last two I expect to put in dirt Tomorow or the next.

And Francesca FrankyStein…
Is doing well…and growing.


Got the news my dad will not make it…thanks for your prayers… he will be removed from the machines later this week.
Sad day…

So sorry. I hope he isn’t suffering.

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I hope not either…hard to tell.
They will remove machines on wednsday… they won’t let me stay with him in the hospital due to covid restrictions. I don’t want him to be alone.
It’s such bulshit…

That’s tough. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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Thanks Newt.

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Got my HLG 260 bspec today… not sure when I will put it together and in the tent, but very excited.

Sammy and Rae are happy happy happy…mothers with children visiting.
They are both growing alot everyday.
Rae is back to normal now… not sure if it was the lack of nutes… or if it was the cheap purple light…
Some things I guess you’ll just never know.
But very happy to see her back to normal and healthy… unfortunately I will have to cut both of them down to a manageable size here pretty soon.
Wasn’t expecting to trim them so soon!:grimacing:

Francesca FrankieStein and the Children of Buzz.
Are doing well… another root popped today, so six out of the first seven clones are now in soil.
I’ve got high hopes for this one,
It’s got 2 tops about the same size at the top… like two little tata’s.

And good growth close to dirt level.

I tried to take clone clippings that would have growth close to the dirt…
My thinking was too top the tops and try to get the bottom ones at the same size for a nice even canopy, but it’s all an experiment at this point.


Grow note… both mother’s got one full gallon of water pH’t at 6.5… with quite a bit of runoff. I will probably go back to 3/4 of a gallon of water per plant.

Went ahead and put all clones in dirt today. Only had 5 left in plugs all were on their 9th Day. (No roots showing yet)
May need to take a trip out of state and wanted to make sure they’re taken care of while I’m gone if I go.
My father will be taken off life-support tomorrow… not sure if I’m going yet, but, just in case, I wanted to be ready.
If you don’t see me around for a couple days that’s the reason.
I hope everybody is having a much better holiday season than me.

The children of Buzz


Grow note… the five clones put in dirt today were put in a mixture of light Warrior and FFOF.
80% Light Warrior and 20% FFOF.

You, @Nowiseee, are hereby granted the title of “Clone Master”. Well done!

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