Now where did I put that graph?

A couple of y’all have thrown up a graph that shows nute intake by pH.
I bookmark so much stuff here but can never get back to those bookmarks, doesn’t show by the title I saved it as.
Could 1 of you kind souls post that here for me?
Since joining here I’ve seen a few times to keep hydro mix @5.8-6.2.
This could be very well y I’ve never been complete satisfied with my work.
I stay around 6.3-6.5 pH. Just read someone suggest hydrogaurd (sorry already forgot who and I just read it🤪) saying it helps maintain that 5.8-6.2 magic level.

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Different graph but works for me, thank you @MidwestGuy

@nodurxshn is who suggested the hydrogaurd.
I’ll get a chime in from him too

Definitely see where I could be seeing issues running as high as I am. pH not physically :wink:

This one is from grow weed easy. I am using coco and target 5.8 - 5.9. I started at 6.0 but it seems a little lower works best for me. Using Jack’s 321

Might as well throw up soil too

When stuff gets posted I know I want to refer to I copy and save the image to my laptop, text I will copy and save as a text document or save in a file with related info.

KootMed has some good stuff on its site. Here is a combo chart that also identifies mobile and immobile nutrients. You can see it has a slightly lower pH range than growweedeasy’s


Great info, thank you!!!:metal::muscle:
May for sure be my problem. I have never dipped below 6.2.

How do you feel about the hydrogaurd?

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Big props to the click and save, duh on my part.

No experience with it. I use Voodoo Juice and Piranha from Advanced Nutrients. When I run out I am going to try FishSh’t. Highly recommended by coco growers that know their Sh’t @Nicky

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I use Hydroguard religiously especially because I can’t access my roots to inspect them. But I don’t associate Hydroguard with pH, it seems inert and I don’t believe it stabilizes pH. Certainly hasn’t in my system but I do have small reservoirs, 2-3 gallons.


Thank you, I’ll do some more research b4 I bite. I just tanked the Rez to 5.1🤪
Give it 30 and go reck

I use Hydroguard religiously in my reservoirs. I supplement with Orca if the hydroguard by itself isn’t combating my general ineptitude. I don’t think it does anything for my PH, but I’m not sure. I can’t remember my readings before i started to use them. I never let my PH stay above 6.0 for more than a few hours, for whatever that is worth.

If it’s below 5.5, I add a tiny touch of Silica or some Ph up, depending. If it’s higher than 6.0, I’ll hit it with a dash (1-2ml) of PH down and leave it alone for 30 min. Then check it again when I come back. Usually 2ml is plenty once it’s fully dispersed but I’ve got 35 gallons to adjust so it takes a while.

It’s totally fine for your plant to alter the water PH levels as she needs - i.e. the plant roots actually exude stuff to raise or lower your PH depending on what nutrients she’s trying to absorb. There’s no perfect “always 5.8” because of that - IMO it may unintentionally deprive your plant of nutes better absorbed at 5.6 or 6.0 or cause you to have to add more than if the ph range was liberal. I’m just wary of massive ph drift - outside my .4 range I will readjust back up or down.


Confirming then that I’ve always ran to high of pH,smh☹️
But on the plus side, think y’all will get this ole boy right!!

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did someone say graph!?..these are a few of my favorites!image


yessir @Graysin …lol i knew me and you was gonna be friends :P…i also supplement with great white alongside hydroguard


i have ran GH flora duo line and it excels at buffering pH…its the hot sauce!

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See someone told me for Coco coir it should be between 5.7&6.3

Yes that is correct I personally do 5.8 for veg 6.0 during the flower stretch then finish with 6.2 to build bud

I’m out of likes but this jives with my general understanding of what nutes are absorbed and when. 5.8 is optimal starting for the best absorption of all the root and stem builders, for sure. 6.2 is probably the highest I’d be willing to go ever but that’s personal preference and I’m also in plain water not coco

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I’m just going to do the PH one because I have to many to spam this whole thread lol

@nodurxshn you posted the same two DLI charts, might need to check out my updated DLI chart in the DLI thread