Now what to do with Black Cherry

Have a 80inch and 60inch going into a 8 foot flowering room🤔 any suggestions. Waiting for GG#4 to finish next week


@MrPeat, you around?

Yeah I just got up. Whats up?

Have some coffee, look up, you’re only grower I know that grows that size.

Kk…I do need to made a pot. I see the big bushes. Woohoo!!! Coffee and I will be back. :+1:


HD and Ryobi hedge clippers. I like the 40V size for that tree…lol :joy: :rofl: :joy:

Ok coffee will be in me and I will tackle this topic. I have never grown this strain. But monsters doesn’t make make no difference the strain.

Sativas make the best monsters.

Need more info @Michgrow like how much soil. Pot size. Because these size of plants will become root bound. Grow medium.

Can you get a picture of each plant by itself please.


You need a machete to get through my very small plants. :crazy_face:


Yep kind of got away from me
Wasn’t sure about super cropping never done it and figured it was a little late for that.
Guess I’ll have to smoke one and figure it out


Has she flowered yet? I’m here to help. You do need to trim her or your crop will be hurt aka lots of wasted bud sites.

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Personally I would be suprcropping it as much as possible wait two weeks and flip to flower even at 8ft your gonna be maxed out fairly quickly on vertical space and running into your light and burning up tops of the plants.

Just might need something like that😂

How far down do I crop it if that’s what I do?

I’d you wanted to go extreme just top them wait a few weeks while incorporating some low stress training on lower branches and then flip to flower.


Not in flower yet, next week waiting for GG#4 to finish

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around here would be fine, just make sure to really work your stems so that they bend well instead or splitting.


Should I just soften up stems up for a week or so by squish’s them a little bit at a time

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Personally…get rid of the bottom where you have 1 foot clear from above the soil. If she isn’t flowered and Is super cropped, you can grow horizontal. I do this all the time. This will help control and keep the plant from hitting the lights. You don’t want you best cola getting light and heat burned.

This cola was wider than a volleyball. You will aee ahe is growing horizontal and not vertical.

Monsters like this you need to stay on top of. Especially a Sativa dominant strain. My Peach Puree CBD was 7’6” and 8 feet wide. She was a gorgeous tree.

Lesson learned…you will be fine. Like Blue Dream can rocket past 78” and up in an indoor grow.

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Starting to trim up some today

These plant took off on me, usually would have had them in flower about half this size.
The strain is Black Cherry x Wowzer

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