Now we play the waiting game

My babies are recovering great, the fan is ziptied now :roll_eyes: lesson learned. Looking to transplant in a couple weeks. Keeping the tent open at night has regulated temps/RH @ 77/75 pretty constant. I will get around to remote locating the drivers when I get some extra :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face: How are ya’ll doing?

You will need to transplant soon. :+1:

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I dropped a fan on mine once… Or twice…or you know what it doesn’t matter. They recovered fine, the biggest issue I had was a broken branch which was repaired with some tape. Now that branch has beautiful sticky buds on it about ready to harvest so no big deal.

Before my soil is ready? It’s another 2 weeks.

@croberts1290 You will probably be root bound before then. :pleading_face:

K ill get some 1 gals and transplant in there