Now that its legal, its nearly worthless



Its the same here where I am. folks who figure THEY know what is best for you and everyone else. What i dont understand. I just want to live my own life. I dont bother anyone and dont want to be bothered. I dont hurt anyone and wouldnt unless they hurt me first. But those folks just like controlling everyone and everything. They dont just hate pot, they hate anything they dont control absolutely. Dealers around here seem to be scarce and what there is reminds me of the old mexican type of pot from years ago that was half stems and seed. Harsh too. So just safer growing my own for me.


I’m sure it is Mexican. Around here they can’t give that stuff away. They still try to sell it anyway.


It’s funny how neo-cons are exactly the same as neo-liberals. They just have to mind other people’s business. They both suck. That’s why I became a libertarian.


Anyone who thinks that you can’t make money growing on a small scale in a legalized state has simply not been keeping up with what has been happening in Oregon, Washington and Colorado.

The biggest friend to tent and backyard growers
wanting to make money is the taxes imposed on legal cannabis.

When your looking at taxes ranging from 25 to 40’percent imposed it simply and effectively grows the black market.

It’s a boom time in black market growing in those three states I’ve mentioned.

The only way the black market will disappear is if the taxes drop to 15 percent or lower.

The regulatory demands and fees demanded by state government on legal grows is hilariously high.

When you, the single grower don’t have to pay fees, taxes and other charges this keeps the demand high for your weed.

Combining all this plus keeping your quality high and growing strains that the dispensaries don’t have you’ll be in demand.


Here’s an example from
Oregon concerning this;


I think it’s funny as hell. That’s what happens when these out of control state governments are so damn greedy that they can’t be happy with 15 or 20% tax on marijuana. Oregon is a bunch of big government nuts anyway so they’ve got exactly the government they deserve.


Medicine is not supposed to be taxed.


Problem is, its also considered recreational so they can tax it to he** so they can forget that its medicinal as well.


I’m a fan of those that can discern and think freely. It’s rare around here and other places


Its always been that way Bud! Do your best and don’t let anyone “Tread on You”. Power to the grower(farmer)!


I’d just like to say we “ARE GETTING F’ING ROBBED” in NY. $2.5k to 4.5k per, STILL.


I’m seeing outdoor blueberry, train wreck and ak-47 going for 900 per lb! And even at that price, nobody is buying because everyone grew their own this year. Southern Maine is flooded!!!


I can see a few simple solutions to your problem brother :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Road trip @knowledgeiskey and buy from @oldpro. Hahahaha


Havent post much the last couple of days. Been sick, but I would love to see it become legal down south here along with other things and without all the controls that they seem to think is needed. Tried to start a hotdog cart up where I used to live. For my sons to run and make some extra bucks. Had built the cart and all, problem was I hadnt researched the regs. They had so many rules and regs for a simple hotdog cart, you couldnt start one without investing many thousands. You had to have a commercial kitchen as a headquarters to keep your dogs at and to clean you cart pans. On the dog cart you had to have 5 sinks along with a mop sink. And a hand washing sink, your own hot water. Most of that no problem. But a mop sink? I guess for mopping the sidewalk, dont know… And you had to pay for them to inspect you. 500 bucks. And if they failed you, you had to pay the same to get re-inspected after you corrected things. It was no wonder never saw any carts in the area.

Ended up with a hell of a party dog cart for home.


Like your thinking on this subject. It has long been the Government policy to advocate the black market . Its how CAPITALISM survives. Taxes are a joke on US the little guy.


But it’s doing so much good too! Like look at CA:


right on #myfriendis410


Up here, no matter the store or my trusted weedman, I pay at least $45 1/8. That’s definitely not worthless! My yearly weed budget tops out at 7k! 7 freaking thousand, just for me.

I need a minimum of 2 oz a month, for my personal use only. If I get this growing thing down, I plan on growing until my decrepit old body can’t grow anymore.

My weedman says he’s sure going to miss my business. Well, buddy, I’m sure NOT gonna miss giving you all my hard earned money! Now, I’ll just have to invest less than 1k a year on seeds, soil, electricity, and a new light/fan/etc here and there. Plus, I’ll get significantly more for my money.


Me Too !!!