Now that its legal, its nearly worthless


6 per person. and I don’t think there is a limit to how many can grow together as long as each plant is labeled with owner name and address. that’s what I’m so curious about. I’m wondering if they had names on the plants. time will tell


one thing I know for sure they where in violation of is, plants cant be publicly visible.


same in MA on the visible. in MA the grow area has to be secured from unauthorized access as well.


same here o the access. but these guys have a tall fence in place. that covers the access thing. but the plants are taller then the fence now putting them in public eye


Per Adult:
6 Flowering
12 Immature Plants
Unlimited Seedlings
In a secure place
Not visible from the public way without binoculars or aircraft
Has to be at a residence

May possess all the material the plants produce

Edited to correct # of immature plants. Brain fart…


but at a hundred plants they were way over the max.


@bob31 - Oh, yeah. Even if they were all seedlings, they can’t be at a business. Just stupid people creating a problem for the rest of us.


hundred was an estimate. probably exaggerated. but defiantly dozens


I didn’t realize they had to be in a residence and they where very visable :smiley:


I bet they will claim its a residence! its technically a old antiques shop that shut dow a while ago. there isn’t technically a business sign out front. but its right on old rt1


here is where I found the info on growing at a friends place


plants are still there. and they had the plastic flaps open today. totally in public view, somehow this is legal I

guess. look behind line of busses


I just got a look at a price list from Colorado dispensary and for an 1/8 it starts out at 20.00 for bottom shelf and goes up to 50 for top shelf. everything else is inbetween.


Well, so maybe it’s a dispensary growing there and different rules apply. I don’t know what those requirements would be.


I got a free sample just for joining a dispensary’s collective here in California, and it was 1/8 oz of Lemon and marked $15. I have no idea which self that comes from. Seems pretty good to me. One toke does it for bedtime.


Dealers are the only ones who don’t want weed legal as far as I’m concerned. I know enough of them and they all feel that way.


Much easier to hit up a dispensary then wait all day for some cracked out drug dealer who got his weed from some random person. Lol @skgrower
In my opinion of course :wink:


They sure have a lot more variety than your average dealer. You can get lots of strains, high CBD if that’s what you want, several different edibles, etc.


Not any time soon where I’m at. Where I live is run by neo-cons (pot haters). Dealers or growing your own is the only options we have. Sadly


Growing your own bud seems to be the cheapest. Dispensary are nice because of the options but the dam prices on some stuff is outrageous.
Ya I get the pot haters here too. The county is actually banning growing outside here. All them damn (haters) complain about the smell. To me that smells lovely. I grow indoors and out, and when I open my front door and get a nice sweet smell of ripe buds it puts a smile on my face haha