Now that its legal, its nearly worthless


My wife read an article about the ecological damage the “organic” commercial growers are causing due to use of harsh chemicals. That’s enough for me.


That’s something you probably have to take with a grain of salt.

I’m sure there are plenty from all walks. What is writers position on weed in general? The people that I know of growing for profit probably have the most legit grows of all. Sure, they aren’t spending money that they don’t have to. But they also know that poor quality will most likely have a toll on their livelihood.

The organics is a whole different story. There’s what people claim are organic, feterlizers with some organic compunds, truly organic, and then synthetic. It seems like 90% of growers here are using gh or fox farms trio, which definitely aren’t organic. Does that mean that all of those growers are putting “harsh chemicals” into their bud? Even the majority of people making own compost can’t guarantee they are 100% organic. That would require knowing what the chicken ate that’s dung was collected for your ferts. While some do and can claim 100% organic, there will always be arguments of the sort.


Think pesticides. That’s what was being found. That said; the homeowner is held to a much more lax standard when it comes to pesticides and chemicals in general! (No MSDS in my house haha) so that could skew results as well. Which still doesn’t mitigate the argument for having some control over the process. Mainly because I don’t use any pesticides at all in my yard. (I have a fence lizard, frogs and salamanders that probably wouldn’t like it)

Unfortunately there is no place that is untouched by the hand of man. All we can do is what we can do.

It is interesting that so many of us do use the FF and GH lines (guilty) and don’t really give much thought as to the source of the ingredients.


when I used to grow 8 yrs ago, I used a brand called age old organics. it worked great! 6 mos ago whe I returned to growing I couldn’t find it. turns out some branch like FDA or something got on them because the product wasn’t even organic and made them change the name. moral of the story is, even buying “organic” doesn’t mean your getting organic :confused:/


haha. I just looked them up and they are called age old nutrients now :smiley:


They ran out of weed in Nevada shortly after it was legalized and there is an over abundance of weed in California the neighboring state. The problem was no one from California could bring Supply into Nevada if they did not have a Distributors license. And who has those licences none other than alcohol distributors
who are allowed to distribute across state lines so I guess Budweiser will be selling buds in the near future if not Coors in the Rocky Mountains


I don’t think anybody can legally cross a state line with marijuana, licensed or not.


Yes the liquor distributors who cross state lines with liquor were the only ones who could do it legally , problem was they sell beer


I saw an article recently where testing showed 80% of California cannabis was contaminated with pesticides, mold and mildew. Some of it is causing rare and serious pulmonary infections. This is why I’m growing my own:


If it’s true that alcohol distributors are the only venue for wholesale cannabis to the retail market then it’s worse than that because the distributorship dictate terms in Nevada and you can’t change to another one without their permission and they set the market and the price point etc. It’s nearly criminal.


@SourD is actually right in what he’s saying… I live in the tri state and can verify… it was a way for the government to pass the bill and stall it out at the same time… always have to read the fine print people… :wink:
My reason for growing is for cost and knowing what’s in my medicine… :wink:
The guy that owns all of are med dispensaries out here is an ass that don’t even use mmj and could care less about the people he’s selling too… the sad part is that are state doesn’t regulate any of its medical grow opps… as long as you pay the taxes they could care less…
I’ve been in 3 of his 40,000 square foot facilities and there is all kinds of bugs and mildew… it’s pretty horific to see in person… 2500 worthless plants…
I’ve seen his guys spray the crap out of the plants with all kinds of stuff and chop them down hang and spray again and wait a day and rinse everything off with a hose and hang to dry for sale… f!#kin ridiculous… and this is strictly for medical patients… and prices for this poison range from 275 to 480 an ounce…:angry::angry::angry::fearful:
No thank you… I tell everyone that I know that uses cannabis about these practices in our area…
I can’t stand the government , but you would think that the state would oversee their own industry that they have established… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Exactly @1BigFella, I guarrantee you next year half of the people will not be growing, not everybody enjoys gardening and if you grow anything over 20-30 plants it is really full time job if you want to do it right ( 5 and up pounds per plant )

Its like gold mining…first year excitement and adventure , next seasons its just a hard work…
Not for everybody…


It is criminal, it’s called robbery. What cost $35 an 1/8 in June is now $50 and the price just keeps rising.


Lol. I think it’s more about supply and demand.


I think the price for top quality pesticide and mold free budds organically grown ( I mean truly permaculture style grow) should be priceless just like a fine art…


so, the business with the 100 plants I originally wrote this post about, was being raided today :open_mouth:


Yeah, I wondered about that.


when it hits the papers, post it here. I’d be interested to read it. Or just post the name of the paper and i can post it for you.


I plan on linking it when I see it. though I’m still not sure what the outcome is. did a drive by last night and couldn’t smell it anymore. and it was too dark to see if they where still there. I’m very curious myself


What’s the law in Maine on number of plants?

6 here in MA unless two growers in home then 12 max.