Now that its legal, its nearly worthless

so, weed is legal in Maine this year. but anybody who thinks they are going to make big bucks farming it is in for a surprise! almost everyone I know grew some this year. I was just downtown and right beside our burger king, behind a business is like 100 plants all fenced In! only hope now is being the better grower with the best pot!


Well that sorta stinks

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I read some articles on how the market is getting flooded in the legal states, and the financial repercussions. Contracting with companies that make edibles is the only way to go maybe.


I’m not growing this to save money (thank God because I haven’t lmao) but to grow weed that is pesticide free and clean and potent and enjoyable.


I am right there with you. I enjoy the growing aspect and have clean and potent herb


I started growing again because all the growers around here have commercialized it all and I knew I could grow better. but making a few extra bucks off the excess was always nice. but like I said, maybe the quality will sell itself


grow good reliable MJ and it will sell itself. I think that we are still along way from plentiful MJ in either MA or ME. They’re saying that when they can start selling legal her in MA in July 2018 that there won’t be any where near enough MJ to meet the demand.

Even then, no one that runs a commercial sales location can buy MJ from me or you. (unless they do it under the table and then they probably risk losing their license).

I have my small circle that I grow for but I don’t see any real money in this for non-commercial growers.


Yes, me too. I just want to grow delicious weed for myself.


we may be closer to “plentiful” then you realize. one of my buddys has a pillow case full of kief from cleaning his trimmer machine! and there was already boat loads of indoor around here. and we about to have the outdoor harvest thing. and EVERYONE I know lanted some this year. in another month ppl will be giving it away!

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Two different things. Plentiful commercially and plentiful on the street translate to two different things really.

If your talking about selling illegally then I guess you will see a great deal of impact from now legal growers that have no need to buy from you.

It might be time to find another line of work?

Commercially I think it is quite possibly that supply will not keep up with initial demand!


Forget it, dispensaries in here are panicking and securing supply ( siskiyou county North California)
Blanket ban on any commercial grow indoor or outdoor…
You can grow on 10x10 Feet plot for yoyrself in engineered greenhouse…

Now thats the official story…
Its wild west here now, but yes, you gotta have good stuff to sell ( $ 700- 1200. A pound )

Hows the market ? Well I can get 500 lb of very good stuff for $700.00/lb, not that I want to , got plenty coming of my own :wink::wink::wink::wink:


700-1200?!?! we haven’t got that low yet. 1000 for top shelf outdoor, 2000 for indoor. and if its not top shelf, u will never sell it here

@oldpro are you south, central or northern ME or DE or Western lol?

I agree mostly with @bob31 but I do believe there are going to be many many people that are not into the commitment of growing, will not pay a 20+% tax and will remain “in the black market” for their supply. I have read a few things about weed prices in CO following legal retail.

I was very happy to be paying 100 per half but I aint gonna start buying by the gram for twice that much $$

I get what your saying (and I live and grow in Maine) but there are a ton of folks looking for easy, reliable and reasonable connections. It’s all in who ya know.

PS Will Trim For Bags!!


I know many. problem is, they all grew weed this year :smiley:

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Brunswick. near portland

Just wait. The outdoor crop is all coming in soon and I predict it will be like zucchini in the Midwest: If you leave your car windows down people will be putting bags in your car while you are away. Sure, the market is destroyed, but isn’t that a good thing?

Think the end of prohibition: Anybody could make their own beer or wine but most folks were perfectly happy to spend a little money for a good drink. No more gangsters, no more smuggling, no more bad hooch that made folks blind. Farmers will still be able to make a living, not because they are willing to break the law but because they grow a superior product at a fair price.


@1BigFella you’re not lying about zucchini in the midwest, and I don’t even like the stuff…

You know what’s different, weed prices! There’s not a lot of dirt weed around, but top shelf indoor here is pushing $3k pound. Majority of supply is good, but not as good as some claim.

Legal here in AK, and there are still problems with supply and demand, which keeps cost up. Supposedly there are times when the town is dry… (due to remote location) Also local dispensary prices are outrageous. Just google dispensary’s in AK, and everyone will see how ridiculous it is. There isn’t a local dispensary in my town yet… (no I can’t drive to the next town) Don’t even get me started on street prices which are just as bad, for something you don’t even know quality or what strain it is.

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Still illegal here but only grow because we were tired of paying an arm & leg for medical here. Also wanted unhandled buds knowing what if any chemicals are present. I’ve only been on forum for 6 months & already seen alot come & go. As we all know to grow the quality of bud we’re after it takes alot of time & some don’t want to go that Xtra mile. Only reason I’d like it legal is so I could also grow outside. Never plan to sell but it makes great Christmas gifts! Guess what my oldest & friends want: either edibles or smoke, so Christmas shopping is done. Lol


I like that line of thinking! @Laurap