Now plants are bowning please help!?

Hey back again a few days later still waiting for ph soil meter, and other items to test ph. All the sudden there’s browning now that’s looks like the end of the leaves are burning. Worried that it might be something else besides me using coffee grounds a few weeks back because this is occurring the last couple days. Any help or knowledge would be super helpful, already lost a couple autos :smiling_face_with_tear:

What soil is it in? Does it have built in fertilizer? It looks like she’s getting burnt to me.

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Those very bottom leaves will die off as the plant gets older its normal i really dont see any problem here


Processing: image.jpg… this is not normal at least I do not think so because now this plant hasn’t grown at all in two weeks and overnight is now is wilting. Wouldn’t be worried if they were in flowering but it’s early in the veg stage so very concerned. Still waiting for ph tester and what not

The seeds are from DCSEED EXCHNAGE, humidifier is at 60% rn because my air and environment is very dry. These seeds are Funkadelic auto and Orange otto, organic soil with coffee ground mixed in, fabric pots, 600 watt led light, 25 inches away, ventilation is window ac right next too grow tent works great!, temp ranges from 70 degrees to 75 degrees,

Organic soil with mixed in used coffee ground but stop doing that weeks ago because was afraid it was getting too much nitrogen, waiting for ph tester :worried::pensive: and right now the bottom leaves are cripsy

Ok knowing that your growing in organics and u have been mixing in coffee grounds you may want to check ur soil ph coffee has a tendency to make ur soil ph lower