Now its winter and time to harvest but dont know when it the perfect time

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks South Africa and I grew my first trees frim october and they are flowering great. Now its winter and time to harvest but dont know when it the perfect time . Gonna harvest one tonight coz it started flowering first and I think its ready

Any advice ?

Send photos so we can tell you if he’s ready

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Ill send fresh pics when I getharvest home ,maybe in 2hours
Anyone know where I can get a strain I can grow outdoors in the winter? South africa climate

Hopefully it’s a she and if u send pics as close as U can get u will get great advice here. Pics need to look like this of the trichomes (these are not ready) just an example of the pic we need .

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Ok then…ill take pics soon…I know the two are not ready coz they still flowering but the other one ill hear guys . Im very new and this is my first time growing so any and all advice is appreciated

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What are your temps in winter
I recommend autos fir a winter grow since they dont depend on light To flower

Looking at tricombes with a loop or pocket scope is best way to judge when to harvest

Here a link that might interest you as well
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Really kinda need closer pics to the trichomes. But from what I can see u have about 2 weeks left. Is the first pic a diff plant Bc it looks like it might have 3-4

Its the same plant…ill try and zoom

How should they look? Please mind these are just from random seeds I smoked over a few years nothing fancy

Could b dirt weed they all need to have a mix of milky and amber trichomes. Almost no clear. That’s some pretty bag weed btw. I don’t use a loupe I just take pics with my phone and blow them up. Much easier for me to see the color. If u can post a few pics like the ones I showed u there will b many people who will chime in to tell u if they would harvest. The more amber trichs u have the heavier the high or couch lock as people refer to it.

I think it’s done: wink:

I go by tichomes with a magnifier but a lot of guys still go by red to white hair ratio.
Most will harvest at about 60-80% of red hairson your buds
It looks about ready to me.

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They not rdy yet still see a lot of white hairs when they are 85% red then it is safe to say harvest but tricombs is better and more fool prof but you will need a jewelers loop or something on that front here is a pic of mine and my flush started yesterday

If you look at last photo you can see a few tris going amber and when I see that I start my week long flush I’m in rdwc soil is a little different but not much I did a 2 wk flush when I was in soil

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