Now I’m a little irritated


So I got my new order of nutes the other day. Opened them to feed and 3 of my bottles have some type of snot in them

So I call advance nutrients to let them know and they tell me I have to deal with amazon. Amazon of course tells me they were new sealed bottles so it’s a manufacturers issue. There goes 100$. Like this hobby isnt expensive enough.

Ok just ranting. Thanks for listening.


It gets that way from sitting around, just shake it up.


It’s brand new and it’s not concentrated it has like slimy mold or something in it


Some of it is green. The liquid is yellow.


That sounds attractive. AN is ultimately responsible. Get replacements from them. You can also mention the review you’ll give on their customer support…


Eww, it shouldn’t be green.


That a bottle of voodoo juice?


Yes one of them is. The bud igniter and b52 the same thing


I’ve heard of the voodoo clumping up like that. Does it have a bad smell (doodoo juice )? I use it also and I’ve seen that complaint a few times on the reviews


I’m switching to Earth Juice next grow. I’ve been using the AN 3part ph perfect, but time to move on…and go organic.

I had really looked into AN’s organic line, but in the end, Earth Juice won. Oh, but I do plan on using AN’s root products: voodoo, piranha, and tarantula.


Using Nectar of Gods all organic, 2nd grow with it & they were selling sample paks for $25. If interested look at oregons nectar of gods .


I use that as well. I have 3 types of nutes but I like(D) AN for veg and flush.


Wow I haven’t seen that one @Justgrowin but that’s not a issue I want to have. I have been thinking about ordering my advanced nutrients from Walmart online. Free 2 day shipping and they will honor the fact it’s sold out of their store. Prices are comparable too


Gotta ask why AN for veg?


Their root nutes are superior by far