Now I have termites

ok , was watering the girls and one was knocked over, thought deer ran it over, but when stood up it snapped off at base. On further inspection termites had eaten the core of trunk, I promptly started making clones. Well today another fell over 5’ tall with about thirty branches ( son of a ) and due to previous problems (posted ) they are no where close to harvest. So more clones I guess. My question, does diatomaceous earth work, and how do I go about using it ? Growing in pots. Anything that can be used at this point to save the others ? I think , from what Iv’e read this stuff is a precautionary substance to be used beforehand, correct ? HELP SAVE MY BABIES

I would ask @Myfriendis410 and @garrigan62

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Don’t have a clue. No idea how to kill termites without poisoning the plant.

If I were going to do anything I might bag the plant in a trash bag with some dry ice in it for 24 hours: suffocate the little bastards.

Boric acid , nematodes. kill termites , you might want to ck your house also


Did you actually see any termites etc?
Just checking.
If they are in containers would be an idea to remove rootball from one that was eaten through to see if they in the soil.
Just doesn’t seem like termites would go after a few stalks in pots?
Maybe so
I think there is a fungus or some disease I’ve read about that causes stalks to rot and collapse just can’t remember much more than reading something about that.
Check all the others for possible damage and maybe get the pots up off the ground and in another spot if you can.
DE can be used to kill an infestation just gotta use it when things are dry. Once wet it becomes less effective until dry again or applying more etc.
Spread it on top of the soil in the pots…1/4 to 1/2” thick and around the base of the pots and underneath them too can be thicker on ground

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Just had a stoner moment along with another possible idea.
Using thin aluminum like a tall beer can cut it up and make a smaller tube that you can wrap the bottom of the stem with putting it in the soil and up on the stalks? I don’t know if this would help or not especially if they are residing in the soil
Armor for the stalk?

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YES , I seen the little bastards in the first one that I am trying to clone. The second one is still attached to root ball, but can see the cavity where they have been eating into the trunk just below the surface trying to save it as it is just starting to flower ( re-flower in this case ). I wonder if submerging entire container will drown the sum bitches ? For short period of course. Definitely moving the rest to new location.

Yeah don’t know, they are in the soil for sure

Take a look here this may help

Boric acid and Food grade DE can usually be sourced locally

As they are in pots maybe consider repotting them?

Termites killed 12 of my plants, in pots, outdoors. We used DE, Neem oil and potash to no avail. They were in the root ball and moved up the stem…one plant at a time. The last one they killed was over 6 feet tall and just starting to bud…:poop:

Termites got some of my girls season before last . They were in the roots, and I did see them . I moved one of current potted plants a few days ago, and saw some under the pot , killed the ones I could see and moved the plant away from area. Now worried about plants being ate from inside , like the last ones. Luckily they are almost ready for harvest, so won’t be too devastating if they hit . Good luck, and Good Smoke !