Now after the death of plants I learned

After my heater took off one night and killed the older plants It became a great thing. I removed them and I have other plants which we started Oct. 1st in 5 gal fabric bags. They now are all under the lights and I am only using half of my 4x4x6 foot tent and have a better air flow and have gotten the heater under control. 74-78 at night will be 66-69 So the DLI arre 23-29 with the PPFD are 335 -505’s so 18/6 and now I wait and water from the bottom.

As you can see past the bags nothing there I added two more lights Fluorescent two bulb grow lights on the sides and the tower fan will move the air around the bags and I have a fan blowing from above. stem building airflow.

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