Novice trying desperately to improve my bud quality and increase yield

Happy Anniversary, you made it a full year!

The light you have is actually not bad at all. Unfortunately, just not quite designed for space your size. For 3x4 hlg-350r is really nice.

A price conscious light might be something from ECO Farm in Canada. They are described as using good / high quality components. I have not bought or used any of there products. But from a pricing standpoint and the components used, it looks tough to beat. I am not aware on any LED light costing $100 that can adequately cover a 4x3 space. However you can get close covering half that space with a good light and also use your other light(s) to fill out the rest
this is a 240w eco farm option that looks decent for $170 after 24% discount

If I was price shopping lights, I would certainly consider them.
Amnesia haze auto was one of my early grows. Here are some buds grown in my 3x3 under 280w Kind XL 600 (bought this light before I new about white light, LED strip lights and quantum boards)

The truth of the matter is, if you want to grow weed you need light.

Here check outGrow journal autos, with fox farm itll get you to about week 6-8 but then you run out of major bud growing nutes also mr fulvic is an amazing booster to really boost growth but like they said light is one of the most major components
P.s. I use ph d tap water

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Thanks for your reply. I grow one plant at a time, have reflective paint on the walls and can raise and lower the light. No one thinks a 2 gallon canvas bag is too small?
This was one of my biggest theories after doing some research. That and changing from tap to distilled water.

Yes I personally would go with 5 gallon though several here go with 3 gallon

2 gallon seems pretty small, but I think your main problem is that light as a primary source of light especially during flower

If you can safely and carefully transplant, it would be better for root system but might be too stressful to plant at this point. Your call

For lights, are you reasonably handy? The diy light kits from hlg are pretty reasonably priced and will get you the tighter buds you want

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Hey. No plans to transplant, this is for next time.
I am handy enough.
I have a red spectrum bulb I add during flowering.

Do you have a particular amount you can spend towards a better rounded quality light

Ball park figure (under 300 bucks for example)

We can’t post links to hlg, but we can get an idea of what you need vs what you can afford then call them as we found out from another member, if you call before buying, they can work with you on your budget and get you what you need

On next drop I’d go with 5 gallon fabric pots rather than the 2 gallon

I don’t. For indoor grows I feel 1,2, or 3 gallon pretty ideal for what I do.

I noticed that I have a lot of crowded roots at the bottom when I change out the plant.

Having a lot of roots is good usually. I guess just depends on what you are trying to do.

I know roots are good, I just want them to have as much room as they want. Maybe I will get a 3 gallon.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to say, but thanks i think.

I don’t consider myself a master cultivator, but I do feel I have the skills and experience to make whatever I need to work. I can list a number of growers on this forum that can run a typical indoor grow in a 1 gallon pot and yeild as much or more than others in 5 gallon pots. It’s simply just not as critical as some people make it to be. I see people with short growing season in 30-50 gallon pots and never understand. Here is outdoor plant in 5 gallon pot


I could be wrong but I think that was aimed at me😕
I’ll be quiet

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I try to help in any capacity that I can and don’t chime in if I know I don’t have a clue.

When I do post I never felt I was taking away from more experienced folks , but helping augment.

Take any advice I’ve given for what it was friendly advice that can either be confirmed by others or is countered by others.

I won’t be offering advice on your post per your wishes

For the record though I’m pretty sure my advice here lined up with other more experienced peeps


Haha! No offense but, @dbrn32 is as experienced as they get, if you were referring to him.

He is the light expert and very knowledgeable grower around here. Others have plenty of knowledge when it comes to lights and growing for that matter.

If you have a specific concern, there are many on this thread that can answer any question or concern you may have.

If you have a 3x4 and running one plant, and it’s an auto, you can do better possibly with photos and fill the space easily with the right light and growing technique.

Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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I apologize, Worm. You don’t have to be quiet. I am grateful for the help. Here is a pic of my set up.


Excellent job on he plant. :clap: :clap: Very nice looking. :+1: The pot size you have in that picture is plenty big enough to grow a big plant. Some autos tend to grow bigger than others which you probably know. Photos can also grow small or big depending on what you purchase and how you train them.

You can maximize the yield with depending on how you raise your plant. Example, had you topped or even pulled the top of that plant over to expose more bud site, then more of your buds would be closer to the light, meaning they would grow bigger and tend to ripen more.

The issue with training a plant to grow wider, you need more light. Even with more light, a plant that grows straight up like that will still have larf near the bottom unless you harvest the top first and then let the bottom ripen before harvesting it.

There are a lot of different ways to gain larger yields but, to start with is more light for the size space you have to grow in.

Then, I would look at growing medium: soil vs coco, vs hydro. Plenty of options there.

Nutrient. Again lots of choices. A lot of folks here use jacks including myself as well as General Hydroponics, as well as other brands, but from a cost stand point and how it performs, It’s hard to beat Jack’s 321.

Another thing I noticed. You have an open side. I had the same issue with my grow room, so I bought some reflextics from Lowes and hung it in front of my plants so the front side would have reflecting light.

These are just a few things that may be of some assistance in " trying desperately to improve my bud quality and increase yield."… lol

Hey brother, ummm, or sister, :man_shrugging: sorry if I said something you already know. :v:
Feel free to tag folks if we can help. Good Luck! :+1: :v: :sunglasses:


I have a reflective panel for the forth side. I slide it over when accessing my girl. The only problem with that is the panel is only 5 ft. tall so there is a gap at the top.
I have topped off before with a Sour Diesel. It worked out ok but I read you should not do that with Amnesia Haze.
I did try some LST but I am very tentative about it.
I like growing in soil. I believe I am doing well in that department.
As far as nutrients go, I use foliage pro and big bloom. I also sometimes use something called Organic Grow! 2-2-2. I will check out the Jack’s 321.
I do provide supplemental light with a desk lamp and grow bulbs for whatever that is worth. It is currently aimed at the lower half of the plant. I will definitely try harvesting the top first, that never occurred to me.

My name is Susan and I would like everyone trying to help me to know that I appreciate all suggestions :heart: and that includes from novices like myself.
Thanks for your help.


Again, I am so sorry I hurt your feelings. It was a rude and uncalled for. Please accept my apology and continue to help me.


I have and continue to research but you can’t ask a question of a web page a question. And sometimes I run into contradictory information which is really confusing.
And I enjoy interacting with the grower’s community.