NOVICE grower...Please HELP!

Hey there to all!!
Any feedback or advice will be HUGELY appreciated!
This is my 1st grow.
Let me start with the deets…
2x2x4 indoor tent.
600w led grow light + 2 60w cfl’s to boost temp.
6" fan w/ proper cfm
Currently have 4 babies.
Random (thank God it’s a girl! Did research…leaf pattern is that of female)
Feminized Seeds purchased:
Cookie (white cookies)
Baby Cookie &
Candy (candycane)
Unfortunately, all different ages.
Random & Cookie were started around the same time (2nd week aug).
I had the lights set at 18/6 but just switched them yesterday to 12/12.
Is it too soon?
The babies aren’t looking so great but Random & Cookie are strong & healthy.

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That’s a fallacy. You’ll only tell after you flip to 12/12. Keep an eye out.

The time should be ok to flip. I started mine end of August/ early September and I’ll going to flip in two weeks. Just know that they will probably double in size. You might want to consider ScrOG since your in a small tent. I just upgraded my tent for fear of running out of room.



Can’t really tell the current plant height but as the above poster says, figure they’ll double in height (maybe more) and you need room for your light. I think you’re OK with 4’ available.

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Thank you so much!I was waiting because I thought they were still too small!!Live & Learn


Thanks phantom!Any advice on fruit flies???They had 2 have come from organic soil.Don’t think they’re eating leaves, but 2 youngest don’t look great.I’ve already tried DE, cinnamon, sand & an all organic, safe garden insect killer (Ecosmart).The Ecosmart kills them on contact but obv there are eggs in there!Help!!Lynn

Hi there how are u have u tried neem oil which u can get frm a punjabi shop cheap mix a little bit in wid water and spray or u can get the ready mix one which is a lot more i hope that help good luck @Lynerally

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No I haven’t tried neem oil but I do know what it is. I’ll pick some up tomorrow!Thank you Shuggz!!!

I never dealt with fruit flies. I’d check to see if they actually harm your plants, first of all. My go to would be neem oil and DE. Remember, neither of those things is instant.

@Lynerally how are u i hope all is well did u knw u also can use a handheld hoover dat shud tral do the trick or get one off them litt air brush one jst blow them rite off well i hope that help aswell bless

Thanks Shuggz!Just bought the neem oil. Hoping that will nip it in the bud!I’ll keep u posted…

Hey how u doing dats good make sure to mix about 1-2ml in water and spary the under part of yr babys but wen the lites jst go out or 15min b4 the lites come on i did wen lites were on and burnt my babys bad so be careful good luck

Also u can use a handheld hoover blessd :hugs:

LolU read my mind. I read instruct & they say 2 tbsp to 1 gallon h2o, nut I was unsure where to spray it!You’re the best!!:peace_symbol:

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