Novice Grow - Feedback On Issues

ILGM Community,

I was wondering if someone might be able to give me some advice regarding my current solo grow. I took some pictures and highlighted the area of my concerns.
I’ll be leaving my “support ticket stats” about my medium and whatnot at the bottom.

This is an indoor grow. In one photo I’ve highlighted three areas of yellow/white blotchy/splotchy spots on a few of the lower leaves.

In another, the oldest “serrated” leaves at the bottom are yellowing at the tip, I read this is normal, but is it?

I’m another picture I feel like the leaves are growing either somewhat deformed , or like, something’s chewing at it. I can’t imagine what pest it might be because it’s indoors.

The final picture is just to show how dense the plant is overall to the get vibes.

Right now I’ve been experimenting with a 24/7 light cycle. Anybody have any thoughts on what might be my issues regarding what I’ve highlighted?

I’ve created a DIY grow tent that I call a “grow box”. I went to Home Depot, grabbed the tallest moving box they had with the lids open, lined the inside with reflective material, cut a hole at the bottom for a fan intake. I cover the top with a tarp for light blockage that I leave an opening to allow to move from the bottom up and out. I think it works nicely for somebody like myself who wants to grow one plant at a time and keep it cheap.

  1. Indoor or outdoor? - size of grow?
    Indoor , 1 Plant - 5 Gallon Hemp Pot

  2. Origin of seeds?
    ILGM Do-Si-Dos Autoflower

  3. Regular, feminized, or autoflower?

  4. Origin of water. PH, EC/TDS of source water?
    Tap, PH 7, unknown EC/TDS

  5. PH and TDS/EC of if mixed solution?

  6. Grow method? Soil, Soil-less, Coco, Hydro,
    Aquaponics. Please explain.
    Soil - FoxFarm Ocean Forest only

  7. Nutrients or fertilizer system used.
    Started utilizing the feeding schedule guidelines for FoxFarm Fertilizers - currently using BigBloom , and GrowBIG, I intend on using Tigerbloom during flower.

  8. What typr of lighting are you using? LED, HID (MH, CMH, HPS), or Fluorescents? Please elaborate.
    LED : Mars Hydro TS600 (100watt)

  9. What are the temps in your growspce? Day / Night?

  10. What is the RH = relative humidity in your growspace? Day / Night?

  11. AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier?

  12. Do you have a Ventilation system? Size? 4", 6"?
    Yes, one fan intaking air from outside the box, another fan inside the box blowing air at the light/upwards to move the heat up and out.


Them two damaged leaves are almost matching like they got an injury or malformation when tiny and still folded up in the crown.


Welcome to the community Growmie, I see a few things that need tweaking and 1 must have. Try and get the RH up around 55%. The FF medium will feed a plant for approximately 5-7 weeks with PHd water only…maybwant to consider 1/4-1/2 dosage on the FF nutrients and she’s old enough to go to runoff. A PH and TDS pen are 2 pieces of gear needed for a successful grow. Soil PH range is 6.3-6.8 and I maintain 900-1000 on the feeding PPMs. The leaf pics could possibly be damaged by the fan too close?? Nothing to be concerned about in the lower yellow leaves :love_you_gesture:


Hi there. Bottom leaves are sometimes wonky. That is ok. Get your ph to 6.5 ish going in. No need for feeding yet.
A ph and ppm meter is needed.
I would go to 18 hr light, 6 hr dark. They need the hours to rest and gather their thoughts. Lol. Women, you know.
Your lady looks fine. Have fun


Thanks for the tips!

I do have a digital PH meter, every time I’ve used it, it’s always kicking back PH 7, I do see it fluctuate as I move it down so I know it must be working.

The thing regarding RH, I tried increasing it with a humidifier I have on hand lol… which was a Vicks warm mist humidifier meant for an apartment sized room that RH went up and my fans got water on them so I stopped that. I was wondering if they have any tiny ones because my box is like 2x2x3.5

My ph is always reading around 7, how would one lower it to 6.5

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You can order ph⬆️ or ph⬇️online. Just make sure you use a dropper when mixing it. You only need a couple drops to drop it almost a point

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I think the communication I received as a consumer based off a “Fox Farm Soil Feeding Schedule” Pamphlet is somewhat confusing.

Since I’m using FoxFarm Ocean Forest , I’m being told here that the soils got enough nutes up until “6-7 weeks” but the pamphlet says:

Week 1 use this
Week 2 use this + this

It’s like nutes from the start, and it says “use it twice a week” and I only really water my plant twice a week.

I’m still figuring out how much to water as well. I’ve been watering it until I get some leaking out the bottom of the bag every 3-4 days. I’ve erred on the side of caution and use just water only once, then nutes the second water

This yellowing splotchyness seems to be happening a little more now. Is this light stress or light bleaching ? Maybe because I’ve been running 24/7?

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The spots could be drips from your watering.
FF does not need nutes for about 6 weeks.
Get a ph and tds meter to check runoff.
This is the best way to check if your girls are hungry.
Should be 1000 ish.