Novice grow ebb & flow in 4x4 waiting for equipment and need more knowledge


Hey Folks… I will also have 2 600watt LEDs 6" fan and filter. I will have 3 clip on fans. I want to germinate in rockwool then to clay pebbles. Reading more to get the knowledge I need to start the grow. If you guys can help any, it will be much appreciated

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Welcome to the forum. Let’s see if we can get you some help. @Bogleg @Myfriendis410 these guys know hydro :wink:

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Thanks for the tag @Missiles. @jnt62 I am on my second grow with a 3x3 ebb and flow tray in a 4x4 tent. Did you already order your ebb and flow set up?

Once you’ve germinated them in rockwool and put them in clay pebbles - what will the clay pebbles be in?

Last grow I tried one gallon smart pots… this grow I fashioned a lid for my tray and hung 4" net pots off of it:

I’m no expert but I made it to harvest once so far. :slight_smile:


As I am soliciting advice from @Bogleg too I’ll just let this one go. He has it well handled.


Hey Bogleg

I appreciate your input. I have a HYDROFARM EBB- Ebb Grow Flow 6-Pot Site coming and the control module. I bought the 6 module expansion kit and controller separate.

Your ladies are beautiful. Are they White Widow?

I am still deciding what nutrients to use, and a good flood schedule. Any tips are more than welcome


Thanks Missiles!!!

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Welcome to the forum!

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Thanks @dbrn32

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Is that system the one with the 2 gallon pots? You should be able to find grow journals around the interwebz from people who’ve used it, I bet. Any idea how high up into the pot it floods?

So are you going to run 12 plants? You have the 6 pot ebb and flow system and the 6 module expansion kit?

My plants are hybrid crosses of Cinderella 99 (mother) and Alien Fruit Cake (father).


Yes, they are the 2-gallon pots and the level is adjustable. I didn’t want to have 12 sites, that is why I bought the expansion set (6) and the controller separately. The set came with 12 sites and a 55-gallon reservoir. I decided to go with a 25-gallon one. My tent comes with a net to train the ladies.
I will do a search for HYDROFARM grow journals. I would never have thought of that.
How did you germinate your seeds and when did you transplant them, It appears you did it right :slight_smile:


@Myfriendis410 Thanks anyways!


I’ll keep checking in. I might have something to contribute. Al has you covered.

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I fill a glass of water half full with tap water from my tap. I add three or four drops of H2O2. I put the seeds in the water (they mostly float). I then stick the glass of water on top of my cable modem, which is inside a shelf in my desk. Usually 24-48 hours later, I have a tap root coming out of the seed. Once the tap root looks long enough to my (untrained) eye (usually 1/2" or so), then I plant it in the rapid rooter.

I soak my rapid rooters in a mild nutrient solution (200ppms of nutes). I have so-far used General Hydroponics Flora nutes, so I basically soak them in a week one seedling solution (2.5ml of Micro, Grow and Bloom). I do PH this solution to 5.8 (hydro numbers).

I squeeze the rooters so they aren’t dripping water, but leave them fairly damp. I like the imagine the inside is still drenched, but the outside is more like “wet to the touch but not dripping” - if you leave them completely drenched, there is a chance you’ll drown your seed. If you squeeze all the water out, the seed will stall.

I tear open the rapid rooter length-wise (top to bottom) so I can gently place the seed in the middle of it without damaging the tap root. Much easier than trying to stuff it in the pre-made hole.

Tear off a small piece of the rooter from the bottom to cover the pre-made hole after the seed is in it.

For germinating in rockwool, @TDubWilly is your man.


Welcome to our Family of growers. My next grow is going to be a ebb and flow also so i will set your Journal to watching once you start your grow. I wish i could afford a cool system like these or the oxygen system i saw the other day. I am just going to run a 2x2 Flood Table and a 10 or 20 gallon res tank should be a fun experience i have only grow in soil 1 time and have become partial to bubble buckets 2 bubble buckets.

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Go with the 20ga res. I have a 3x3 with a 40ga under it and I wish it was 60ga. In flower with a full tray it requires me to add water every three days or so. Not a huge deal but I would prefer it to be more like a week. Heh.


welcome to the forums @jnt62. i am a dirt farmer so have nothing to add for the beginning of your grow other than a “good luck”. there are lots of great folks on here with lots of knowledge who like to help folks so feel free to ask any to help out. lots of great knowledge just reading thru the forums.


@Bogleg… Thanks for your help. I am still in awe of your grow. I know you must be proud. I hope my 1st grow will be fruitful. Please add anything that you think may help… Oh yea… I just bought a 2FT, 2 T5 bulb light to help with propagation. I wonder if it will help if I use it to supplement the 2 LEDs I already have??

@Rayofsunshine, I am sure you can do just as well with a DIY set-up as one of these packages. I just wanted to learn to grow without having to construct a system. I hope your 1st grow went well!. I apologize for the late reply but I had to work 12ves all weekend.

@monkman Thanks for the warm welcome. Thanks for the well wishes too, as I will most certainly need them. I really need to get going on the research. I see there is a wealth of knowledge in the archives and The membership is fantastic! Thanks again!!!

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I will tag you for my latest grow journal she is really starting to fatten up.


Probably won’t hurt assuming it doesn’t kick out more heat or anything. Might help some. I wouldn’t worry about it until you are in flower.

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Sorry about abandoning the thread. My grow is going sideways. I haven’t germinated yet, and I won’t be doing so until after I come back from a trip on May 18th. I have mis-placed the seeds from my original order, and they’re still missing in action. I placed a 2nd order. In the meantime I spent time getting my pots and timers set up. My hydroton wants to float a bit, which lowers the water level. I know this system is supposed to be on 15 minute increments but, it takes 6 minutes to fill the 6 pots and they start to drain 4 minutes after that. I have been running it 1 cycle an hour just to check everything out. I am aerating the reservoir and I hope I can still use the water when I do start. I won’t bore you with any more of the bugs I had to work out. I will tell you that I now have 6 600 watt full spectrum lights. I just be lurking on the forums and other sites until I get started in earnest. BTW, is it normal for hydroton to float a little? My 2 gallon pot raises up 1/2" or so. I’ll just have to adjust.

Thanks for your patience