Novice cultivator

Here’s my grow. Not a tent, actual closet. I have a 4x4 tent but was fascinated with making the most out of this space. lol Going Bananas 😎

Lol okay bet :heart:

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If your trying to stay low key then I would look .ore into a pack of the QB120’S or 132’s. The heat put off is alot easier to manage, thus not needing as much air exchange. AC Infinity fans are great exhaust fans that are dead silent. You can set up a really solid 3x3 tent or 2x4 for around 500ish give or take.
I run 2 3x3s and mine always have at least 4 plants but most of the time 5. My veg period is only a few weeks though…so I can turn over crops faster then growing one plant to fill the space.


If I go with these lights how many lights should I purchase for the 3x3

Them come in a 4 pack. Go with the 3k or 3500k for a seed to harvest light. They do not require heatsinks and you would also need a driver which would be an hlg-240h-c2100a

What was your yield like?

I average 4 to 5 oz a plant but I dont grow big plants. I grow like 4 at a time.