November 2018 BOM contest READ the RULES! New prize added


Good job to the winners!:+1::+1: see u guys in a couple months with some girl scout extreeme! Lol


Well deserved. Was a beautiful bud


Now what kinda seeds u thinking about


OK. Thanks HogM… I was just wondering. Figured that was the case.
Thanks. New BOM will be posted by me on the 7th. Good luck all :slight_smile:


@Hogmaster already has the Dec. BOM going.


i love it when a plan comes together!


It is not supposed to be open until the 7th, so hold off because I am
closing the BOM until the 7th


Congrats to you both. Great job.

@Blazin_Skywalker - go ahead and pick a 5 pakc of seeds from the shop. I iwll PM you in the next couple of days to expedite your prize.

@nostril - Go ahead and pick any T shirt you desire from the apparel shop. I will contact you by PM to expedite your chouce.

Happy growing all! :smiley:


I’m going to try the Girl Scout Cookies Extreme! That bud @nostril grew made it look so gorgeous I just have to grow it!


congratulations @Blazin_Skywalker great growing!


Thank you!


Nice bokeh.