November 2018 BOM contest READ the RULES! New prize added

  • Blazenskywalker
  • Nwinbackyard
  • Merlin44
  • Nostril

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Don’t forget first prize when seed second prize Wins a shirt


I do not understad why all entries were not included. Surely there waS A CHANCE VOTERS WOULD CHOOSE ONE OF THE MANY YOU DID N OT INCLUDED. i AM NOT OVERLY CONCERNED BUT, THIS IS KIND OF WIERD hOG. :wink:

Sorry about “Caps” New keyboard. LOL


Couldn’t restart the poll so top 4 the 2 that where winning are still in same order @latewood and still winning in same order 4 hrs till it closes


It is over and congratulations @Blazin_Skywalker &@nostril :confetti_ball::balloon::tada::champagne: Latewood will be with you in the next few days I apologize for the confusion the last day rules are the same and December is up and ready


Congrats to the winner


Nice job @Blazin_Skywalker! Congrats.


Congrats to you both.


Congrats to both winners !!! Beautiful buds there for sure !


Nice job. @Blazin_Skywalker @nostril The color in those buds were awesome!


Thank you all very much and congratulations @nostril as well! This grow I put a lot of work into maintaining the day/night temp changes to really try to bring out color. I was really happy with how she responded!


I though the backgrounds on both pics really made the colors pop on both pics. Congrats to both @Blazin_Skywalker and @nostril for making me bud jealous!


Well Deserved I know you’ve come close before this time you did it it was absolutely beautiful


Congratulations to @Blazin_Skywalker and @nostril on those amazing colorful buds . It seem like every month it gets harder to choose a winner . Hats off to all the entries .


Congrats to @Blazin_Skywalker and @nostril, nicely done to both.


Congratulations both @Blazin_Skywalker and @nostril for some awesome looking buds!


Congratulations @Blazin_Skywalker and @nostril! Well deserved wins, both. Those were beautiful buds and great photos!


Congrats @Blazin_Skywalker, @nostril and thanks again to ILGM, latewood and hogmaster for making this possible.


Congratulations to both @Blazin_Skywalker and @nostril for some great pic’s and buds. Excellent job done by all.


Congratulations both on a job well done.
Hope to see more beautiful bud porn.