November 2018 BOM contest READ the RULES! New prize added


BANANA KUSH Order #281614.


Amnesia Haze # 233511


Looks like a weiner :joy::joy:


White Widow #321395


Entry is late. No votes count. No offense. No worries. We wil confirm time stamp.


Ooops, I think I missed where to find the poll for voting. Can you post a link or let me know what the thread name is. Thank you. I hope you had a great holiday.


Yea where’s the poll and @ILGM.Support.Stacy never got back to me a second time when I gave her the info so I guess I’m screwed…


This is the thread where the voting will take place. They haven’t started the voting yet as they are probably trying to figure out who’s eligible. .


They are probably a little behind schedule bacause of their Turkey Hangover . I’m sure it will be up soon enough . I’m feeling a little light headed myself .


Hogmaster was supposed to set up the poll. I am blind so it is a bit of a task for me but, I will try to get the voting started one way or another.

I will extend the contest a couple days since the poll was not posted on time.

Happy day to all. lw


I don’t think there is any hurry, I just thought I had missed something. Thanks for getting back.


@latewood heard anything from @ILGM.Support.Stacy she asked for my info I gave it and never got a second response

  • Ntmaremach
  • Bcpagrower
  • Rene1
  • Doeboy
  • Merlin44
  • Buzzardhicks
  • Blazin_skywalker
  • Zparkie2
  • Noobie
  • Nostril
  • Buzzy
  • Nwinbackyard
  • Fanno_man
  • Sparky66
  • Wonkaman
  • Wolfe
  • Ziofarmer
  • Zombewerks
  • Weederpeter
  • Greenlantern
  • Seeddog
  • Budtastic

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Sorry for the delay been working and just now getting on it I apologize good luck everyone one vote per person rules above please don’t post under me till voting is closed use bom chat :wink: thanks :pig2:


Let’s get them votes in


Isn’t today the last day of the month? Was voting closed early?


Voting always ends at Midnight of the final day of month. Due to
Hogmaster being overworked at Wally’s, we are going to reopen the poll for
a couple more days. I am sure Hog wil;l deal with it when he checks in.

Thanks for asking.


The voting is still listed as closed but today is the last day of the month. Will it be opening back up soon @Hogmaster or @latewood


Ok the system did not take the right date we have 4 contenders in keeping this going too choses in 24 hours


Top 4 and this will determine winner sorry there calendar is on the other side of the world and ends differently here every time into it sucks but it’s this or what we had for 1st and second