November 2018 BOM contest READ the RULES! New prize added


READ the RULES: "Bud" of the Month Contest Rules

The staff here at ILGM would like to thank all of you for 2 years of successful contests. On that note; I have a cool piece of info to share.

Starting this month; 1st place will get there choice of seeds, as always; And, 2nd place will get a FREE T-shirt…Wo hooo :smiley:

I also amended the poll setting so we can just have one poll and less confusion during voting.

I hope this makes all of you happy, and enjoy the new T-shirts, available in our shop.

Peace and Happy growing, lw - admin and fearless leader :slight_smile:

Entries are open for November 2018 ILGM Bud of the month contest. Have fun…



Good morning, I am assuming ILGM seeds only?
Thanks Matt.


I’ll answer that one for him

Yes it will be open to only ILGM beans order numbers will need to be posted with picture
And order numbers will be verified as usual @Mental

Click the link above and read the full rules posted

@latewood woohoo on second place prize
Super cool of Robert and yourself
I love my T-shirt’s And the members will love them as well


For all Canadians who read this.

Canada is clamping down and regulating everything. I believe I can say that in order to be blessed by the Canadian government, we had to curtail the sale of genetics to customers in Canada. Canada will let us know when we can resume. We are attempting to work with Canada to make this happen legally. No one knows exactly when, i.e.


I’ll start this off with a little Chemdawg Bud Order# 250727


How do i find my order number.


@Rene1 Go to the seed shop and create an account if you already haven’t. If you already created one or after creating one just sign in and you can scroll down and click on my orders. You should be able to see anything you’ve ordered from ILGM. Good luck

ILGM bud of the month chat room 2018

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme

Order #305701


Cronic widow #276965


Cant find my order number does this work on a mobile


The order number of your most recent order is: 244614 :slight_smile:


Blueberry fem #244614


I am new here all help is much appreciated


@Doeboy I think the contest allows only one photo as an entry. There is a new post with the rules, I will look for a link.

P.S.@Doeboy, those Blueberry buds look amazing, better than the ones I grew last!


ILGM Purple Haze Feminized
Indoor, FFOF
Planted: July 27, 2018
Harvested: Nov 19, 2018

Order #303180


LSD Greenhouse/Organic Order #23688


Amnesia Haze Autoflower - Order #177399

The colors unfolding out of this beautiful plant make my heart happy. :blush::heart: Her undercarriage is smelling like a citrusy bowl of fruit loops. :lemon::tangerine::bowl_with_spoon:



Chronic Widow ILGM Order Number 220112
good luck everyone !


White Widow Auto, outdoor grow with FFT
Planted 8/11 harvested 11/9
Order #308248


Girl Scout Cookies Extreme order 246934.