November 2017 Bud of the month contest


Good Luck to all, and I hope to see some beautiful entries this winter.

Newcomers; Please read the rules in order to have the best experience.

Entries close Thursday the 23rd at Midnight EST.

Happy growing! lw

October 2017 Bud of the Month Contest
Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued

@latewood there might be some confusion because the rules state that entries close at midnight on the 21st.


ILGM WWA order #144732

Just harvested her Wednesday!!


order #121012
outdoor summer 2017
harvested 10-13-17


Nice picture!


Order#159634 Gold leaf . Good luck to everyone the competition is getting stiff.


Entry too late last month5a8b3b2c7d6eb23f838de4ca4b1fa26d612b0c4e_1_281x500
ILGM #169095 Amnesia Haze first grow


Sour Diesel Order No 174597

Check out all of the powdered sugar when you superzoom.


Shes a beauty!


That my friend is hands down the most sugary bud I’ve ever seen. Bravo @oldstoner


I have an entry I’d like to put forward for November BOM , she’s a gold leaf, purchased from ilgm, order number 150526 ,the order was for 5 gold leaf, 10 white widow and the fruity mix pack with 9 in them, here’s my entry,she’s a really fat, sticky and smelly girl,I hope you love her as much as me


Here they are @Willd, this is the right one isn’t it


YES! Thanks, mate. I guess I don’t know how to search…


She’s truly beastly, buddy!


Thanks brother, learnt from the best, so I tip my hat to you sir


Truly awesome buds all of ya!


Now that is just gorgeous @Myfriendis410 but you have some serious competition.


OG Kush order #187349.


Thank you sir . That one was a close to 2 oz cola


Gonna be a tough one again. Outstanding examples.