NOVA SCOTIA...Can I successfully grow AK47 here?

Site toted seeds good for outdoor, bought seeds, vegged now three weeks. Will I be able to harvest these photo period girlies in Nova Scotia, or will they rot before they mature. Hope I did not buy the wrong seeds. I wanted a slightly sativa dominant, and picked this for its short flower. Thanks folks, little mad at myself for being duh…lol. Reading a lot of stuff they mold quick is all? Cheers!

SHould get a bit maybe even if I cut early?

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I live in Maine, so I get your concerns.
What seed bank did you get them from?

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Howdy Northerlit…Thank you for your note. Hope you are well. Here is that site. They have several companies because there are minimal orders with some sites they own. quebecseeds, montreal seeds etc. I think they are all the same…Thanks again…

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I’m no expert, however, looks like you grabbed the fast version of the ak, which if you’re worried about the cold come harvest time will benefit you. I’ve grown a few sativa heavy strains here in Maine with really good results. It really depends on how Mother Nature is going to treat us outdoor growers. Two years ago I grew three plants that were sativa heavy and stashed roughly three lbs; the weather was great, plenty of sun and good heat, very few rainy days. Last year was T R A S H… we had 23 consecutive days of cloudy, rainy days then humid trash for flower. I ended up with just over a lb off 6 plants. I cracked nice looking buds open while trimming only to find the majority had mold and rot in the centers.
So basically, your plants could be amazing

Or they could be trash…
No pics of the mold, didn’t need the reminder.
It really is in Mother Nature’s hands after you put them outside. I’m pulling for you, and hope we all have a good season this year.

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Thank you NL, hope you have a great season as well. Could potentially harvest in 6 to 7 weeks I read with these as well, thank you for your message…

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Looks like early October, which is fine if we get that good weather. Just keep an eye on them come September and watch for bud rot. You’ll know judging by the weather.

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Ya, I get rot every time I grow, but this is the first time with fast version, other than AK is fussy in humid weather, I may come out ok,

Beautiful plant!

20 gallon bags this year, so I can take em in the garage if the hurricanes start hitting…

I got in 20 gal smart pots, I don’t move them though. Once they’re out, they stay out. I do too my plant 2 or 3 times and I also lollipop them to help with airflow. Something I didn’t do last year. I tried low stress training, bending the main stalk etc but it wasn’t for me or my climate. I’ll be going back to topping and thinning the bottom this year.

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Hurrican Dorian came through last year, I saved my pink Kush, and got over a pound off of her. I watched her get pummeled by that storm cuz she was in the GROUND. If hurricane this year, I will pop em back in the garage, and not get stressed out over it, hahha. Cheers!


How do you find the Smart pots for watering?

I got these this year. What is the difference between these, and smart pots?

Well, for the first two seasons in smart pots I used promix bx and liquid nutes; watering was basically feeding them with a straight watering every two feedings. I used the 10-15% of the container volume and it seemed to work well.
This year I’m still using smart pots, but I’m using coast of Maine Stonington soil.

Supposed to be able to just water a 15+ gal container throughout the complete grow without amendments. We will see how that goes, I probably will use something to boost when flower occurs.

I couldn’t tell you the difference, they’re both fabric pots, I’m not sure the material used in those, however I do appreciate the white, keep your roots cooler then the black sun magnets I have.

Ya, there are other colors, but read the white is better for heat. Thank you amigo.

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Awesome, that would be a dream if that works out…

Can not bring myself to butcher the ladies, ha-ha. I bet it works though. I may defoliate a bit later though.