Notifications being delayed, or not there


Dear Abby,
This has been going on for the better part of over 50 years now.
When I was just a young toddler my parents used to take all my sibblings out for ice cream, but I never got notified. Sometimes I did when they came home, but it was always a late notification.

Then in High School all my friends would go out and party on Fri. nights, but once again I didn’t get notified…

Oh wait, wrong forum!


Hahahahaha @Rugar89 you about had me fall out of my chair


@ILGM.Support.Roy for a past few days about.
@Rugar89 I was dying!


where is the couch at @Rugar89 ! lol


Its even funnier when tou look at the qoute after reading that and tou see roy with a bug smile lol


okay I will inform the Discourse gods

Hang in there buddy!
Love, Abby


I was born and raised in philly. I’m lovin them iggles.


Hi guys,

are you still experiencing this issue? If so, Discourse would like to check someone’s account that received multiple of the same notification.



@ILGM.Support.Roy everything is behaving at the moment on my end. Welcome to take a look anyways.