Notifications being delayed, or not there


Is anyone else having difficulties getting notified, delayed or otherwise? Sometimes I don’t get notified until the next day, even though I’ve already responded in the same thread.
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I see that as well. It has always been a bit behind. It doesn’t bother me too much


I just noticed the same thing. I wonder if it’s traffic related.


i thought it was just bob being mean…?


I think they just fixed it @Covertgrower I just got flooded with notifications.

hahaha @BIGE

Lets not start any conspiracy theories, hahaha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::open_mouth:



we all know about you and deflate-gate bob…lets not be coy,roy. lol


Just cause we like our :football: balls a little softer in NE doesn’t make us bad folks @BIGE



dilly dilly,philly philly!


Me too…


Wasn’t working earlier but seem to be now


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It seems to me the notifications do eventually get caught up, but not for an undetermined amount of time. It’s sporadic. Then it gets behind again.


I got a butt load about the same time as you guys. Another thing I noticed, some of them were repeats from earlier, I had already responded to them.

Another thing I noticed, I’m out of likes but I can still like posts. Not complaining about that at all.


It’s a trick! The likes don’t actually happen. I verified this by refreshing and going back to the comment I liked, and the like was gone. I too had repeat notifications and responded. @dbrn32


Dirty dogs!


Hairy Grower and the disappearing Likes…


Ive held my mouth all season. Plz dont get me going! Perpetual Cowboys fan over here. Funny though ask any texan & theyll tell you we would rather have the patriots over the eagles


Haha i just found this thread and i just started another nope @bob31 still haven’t fixed it
Got notifications from 26 days ago this morning


Hi guys, for how long have you been experiencing this?


Just yesterday it started.


Roy ive been having some issue with this for a few months now but minimal over the last few days its been a issue