Noticing naps or flies

for some reason today i am notice a huge number of flies around my plants. my plants look perfect and i have no stagnant water anywhere near my plants. im in the north east and we had a hot day. my plants are 2 week from harvest. is it the smell of the plants that is attracting the fies? i stoped using neem and bt about a week ago.

should this be on concern?

any advice would be huge. i dont wanna do nothing and loose my whole crop.

by the way my plants are outdoors!

thanks a lot!!

Like Nats from fruit they come in usually from fruit n they like the moist plant areas they should go away tho I think

If you are growing in soil - they live in the soil and cary the fungus that causes root rott. Let the soil dry out and looks at some fruit safe spays. They are hard to get rid of…

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Being outdoors good luck. Flies seek out water. They find a constant source and you will always see flies and gnats.

I’d trade you your hot weather as we are still hitting in the 90’s down South Texas way.


Just noticed you are 2 weeks from harvest - I’d ride it out and not spray anything on them…


Man! You can’t use Neem oil once in flower. It will poison the flower and make it totally unusable. Chrysanthemum oil is toxic and extremely nasty.


I have never heard that before. can some else confirm this?

I would trust what he saying. Many years of experience growing and he wouldn’t stare you the wrong way


is there anything I can do? please help me!


Honestly I don’t know what you can do.

@Covertgrower @Hellraiser @peachfuzz

Avoid using neem oil three weeks before harvest because the lingering oil may affect final flavors. That said, it would be very bad luck for something to go wrong in the last three weeks.


Not much you can do being outside.

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I’d do a bud wash after chop, that may help and something I’d do for an outdoor plant harvest anyway. Yeah Neem should not be used once buds have set in, but I’d wash them and dry them and see how a bud smokes after that.

I once had spider mites in mid/late flowering and used a pyrethrins pest spray, buds tasted so bad that they were not able to be smoked, had to throw it all out.


im going to do a bud wash and see how they smoke myself a few times before i share with anyone! thanks a lot @Myfriendis410


Yeah; thanks a lot for bad news! Sorry.


no my only concern is the health of myself and others. its just a really disappointing situation. i appreciate the info none the less.