Noticing a lot of split open branches

Im noticing branches that are completely split open. The only thing i can think if that would have caused this is when i twisted the branches in opposing ways, to break the internal structure of each stem. I did this a few weeks ago after watching a kyle kushman video…

The branches are very rigid so theres no closing them back up. The split branches seem to be doing just fine tho, so should i just leave them alone? They all have pistils all over.

A couple pics of what im talking about:

I’ve never seen such a thing. It may be a genetic issue. Cannabis is a resilient plant and is pretty good about dealing with these kind of issues, but you’ll have to be careful about the growing weight of flowers when that time comes. If you can support the plant it will probably do fine.

Adding silica at 5ml per gallon will strengthen the plant. You might think about adding seed sprout tea (Google it for a recipe) as it can add additional strength.


Ive got a net that they are all supported on …i did a late scrog at the start of week 2. So that should help with support. Theyve also gotten 5-7ml of silica per gallon the entire grow so at least im set up there. Ill check the tea out, thank you

SST is easy to make. I use blue corn. Sprout a few dozen seeds like you would cannabis seed seeds in a paper towel, put them in a blender or a food processor with 2 cups of water. Blend them, then run the solution through a coffee filter and water your plant with the product.

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I run an aero setup…so would i just put some in my reservoir? Theres no pieces leftover that can get stuck in my pumps or misters?