Noticing a few tips of leaves turning crunchy/crispy

It is an Auto Blueberry, in a 50/50 pro mix BX, / perlite.

Used 1ML/L of Advanced Nutrients Grow Micro Bloom PH Perfect line,
Along with Voodoo Juice, and B52.

Looking good buddy keep it up!

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Could you see the bottom leaves?
They seem crunchy at the tips.

It’s not on all of them, just on 2 that I’ve noticed so far…

It is 19 days old.

That happens naturally in young plants. Especially if they touch soil. I wouldn’t worry too much just yet. It hasn’t effected the main sun leaves. It’s normal for original growth to give way to newer stronger growing parts of the plant. Watch for it to begin on larger leaf tips, and be sure you’re not using TOO much food/fertilizers. Looks good and healthy though.

Yes I did, but overall the plant looks good! Unfortunately this is where I leave you my friend… I’m a soil grower these days, I know nothing about your medium but at @Donaldj @garrigan62 and others do. If I can answer any generic questions I certainly will
-best wishes

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Thanks guys.
The crispy leaves just made me go “Hmm, that’s not normal.” so I thought I’d have you guys check it out.