Noticed black fuzz…Is this mold?

I have a question, my plants are in flower and looking pretty good thus far!! However i was just looking at them and spotted a black fuzzy looking spot on the stalk going into one of the branches and it’s the only area out of the entire plant and all my other plants, please help lol, this is only my second grow, i am feeling like this is some sort of mold but I’m not really sure.


Doesn’t look like grey Mold to me but if it’s fuzzy it’s definitely not good. How does the bud look above it on that stem?

The buds look pretty good they’re only in the 2nd week of flower here’s a pic of it

I would cover that moldy looking stuff with some baking soda powder in hopes of pulling any humidity out of it.

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Your flowers though look great and look to be flowering strong!

That looks like stem rot. It can spread big time. Not good at all.


@MrPeat I can’t remember the exact measurements but wouldn’t an alcohol water spray kill any thing outside the stem? He’s got problems because it looks to be in the main stalk. Surgery may be required here eh?

I hate to say it and I hope I’m wrong here but if I scraped that mold back and then scraped the stalk and see clearly that it goes deep inside the stalk, I’m doing surgery with my knife and then wrapping it in foil tape to support it. As it’s gonna spread once it wraps around that main stalk it’s game over. Sad but true

No clue. I think the best course of action is to toss it. As it can spread onto everything. Including air.

Maybe a Fungicide may work. Problem is once it shows, its already throughout the stems. :pensive::pensive::pensive:

I don’t risk a anything moldy. As it can cause serious health risks.

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Is this the only spot on the only plant with it or do you see multiple black stem rot? If so I agree with Peat.

If it’s only this one spot I’m taking it away from my other plants so the mold doesn’t distribute to the rest and taking a razor knife to it and praying. As I’ve seen this stuff move quick, you don’t have much time as it spreads quickly.

There may be a chemical remedy but I doubt it. Good luck as you gonna need it. And hey maybe it doesn’t grow anymore but I wouldn’t chance it if it was me.

Scissors are your friend
I’d make the cut

Here is the thing about mold. It will release spores if tampered with. I am going off my experience while studying Biochemistry in College.

When it comes to my health, I don’t play.


I don’t mess with mold. Toss anything I suspect to be contaminated and wash anything else


Stem rot. Gotta remove all affected plant material.


Yea this is the only spot, do i just cut this one branch you think?

It is also separated a good distance from the other plant

Toss the whole plant?

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Unless you can see into every branch and stem, which you can’t, you literally have no idea how much the plant is infected. By the time it shows the rot, it can be all throughout the plant.

I tossed 2 plants recently. They was over 3 months old. Not a single flower and they was over 6.5’ tall.


For now , until you know whole plant is affected just cut out affected area and I’d separate that plant from the rest