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Nothing to see here!!!


Cool move, I’m sure somebody will appreciate the help. I got a code for 10 free seeds so I doubt I could use it but someone can.


Great share. Not using it, am set for awhile.

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Im gettin yelled at by admin for giving away this coupon code. They say its in the rules as giving out contact info…so i have to remove the post? But it wont let me, it says i dont have permission. Seems like the admin could have just removed it but…

can anyone flag or delete this thread plz…

If you hit the three dots at the bottom of your first post it should have a trash can icon. That is your delete post option.

It won’t let me…I don’t get it dude…why would they tell me I have to delete it if I can’t…

I noticed you have the flag option …can u flag it… I don’t even have that option

PS nice plants

I believe it has to do with my level of membership

Yeah, just realized you joined not that long ago. I’ll tag some mods to see if they’ll remove it. @dbrn32 @Myfriendis410

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Thanks, everyone. I removed it. All is well and nobody did anything that can’t be fixed.

Welcome to the forum!


My bad…thanks

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You didn’t know; no harm no foul. That’s what they pay me the big bucks for lol. (not)

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No admin contacted you; Moderators called you out for breaking ILGM forum policy on advertising and contact info sharing. WE do this for the security of all members.

latewood~ILGM admin

didn’t know admin n mods were different. And if you wanna get specific, it wasnt a mod either. It was The “Global Ambassador”

Although I didn’t advertise anything, nor did I give out any contact info. All It was was a coupon code for seeds on this website. That i could no longer use. That’s why i figured it’d be ok, If it was for another site I wouldn’t have posted it.

You’re fine. It wasn’t clear where or what discount code was for. If this had been an affiliate link to another site or competitor it would’ve been an issue.

Administrators are a level above moderators. Good sign is to look for badge next to username. If you see that, forum staff and you will be expected to comply with their directives.

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And I understand that completely and would never do that in someones forum…

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