Nothing in my mailbox

first post still waiting on seeds got text from post office delivered nothing in my mail box other than mail for my wife

if more than a week, talk to customer service for replacements.

Thanks Tan,
sent message yesterday waiting for reply tracking says delivered.

I’m sure it will be fixed but very disappointed. Anxious have pots ready for seeds lol.

Thanks can’t wait to be a contributor to the forum.


I’ve had that show up because the package was at post office and marked out for delivery, but never made it on mail truck. Chances are it will be delivered tomorrow. You could call post office about package, but you’d be setting yourself up if you’re in a place where seeds are prohibited. I would wait to see if the show up tomorrow.


That would make my day thanks mine was out for delivery then marked delivered yesterday. I get about 3 tracked packages a week and never had this happen. Will wait for reply and check again today.
Thank you for your help.

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Waiting for seeds is always a pita! This is my fourth order n im always nervous as heck. They havent even made the shipping label yet :joy:

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