Nothing after ilgm received my payment

I received an email on 26th March to tell me ilgm have received my payment and the order would be shipped within 5 business days. It’s now the 10th April and I’ve had no updates at all.
Order number #2077136

You will get an email when it ships. My experience was a week or so before it shipped. I didnt count the days though. I did get an email also after I recieved first one stating being shipped in 5 days that said it could be delayed due to covid or whatever it said. Maybe high demand or something.
Be patient I would say and relax. Dont stress it , your in safe hands with ilgm.

You can always email customer support. When emailing be patient as well due to timezone differences and working hours.

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@ILGM.Stacy here’s an FYI for you.


Yeah, the email I received on 26th March was the one stating it will be shipped in 5 days. I just assumed I would of had the notification to say it had been shipped as its been 15 days now. Patience is a virtue I guess 🤷

Don’t worry ilgm is the best bank seed ever they maybe late but you go to receive .

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Don’t worry , I personally prefer it this way discreet and save , you won’t regret it once they arrive

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Freaked me out too!! Order cleared my bank and still waited about a week. Holy shit!!!
No worries, stealth and a week of waiting is more than worth it.

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Mine shipped out of SD 3/16, didn’t make it to Tenn. till 4/4, been sitting in Regional depot ever since. Used Post Office tracking to find out where it is. 2 weeks quarintine in each Regional Depot? Cat

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Don’t count weekends and holidays

3/16-4/12 Got notified package made it to my local branch. Est delivery 4/13 10:30-2:30.

My two experiences ordering with ILGM have been good. On my last order, I paid through my bank’s quick pay feature, which sped up the process. Hang in there.

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My payment says it went to " I love growing hemp se" is this normal. Dont want hemp…I order auto fem sweet mix…

@NERO13 this is normal. It is not hemp recieve what you order.

Thank you for your help

Patience will pay out