Not2sure With, they say don't do this with autos 🤣

Is it normal to start showing a few purple stems? Auto white widow and photo gold leaf…

all I’ve given them is ph water


Mine had blood reddish purple stems the whole grow almost. On 2 of my photo plants only tho. But thats when i had a infinite amount of lights hoing in the tent. Guess its from alot of light. I dont think its a bad thing tho. @FreshGrowmie


Here is a pic of my Bubble Gum auto. She is 9 weeks 4 days from sprout she will be 10 weeks this friday. I fimmed her at the end of july. I think she has another 2 weeks to go she is getting sticky. I will check her trichomes tomorrow.


Sun tan. Its usually caused by intense led lighting but nothing to worry about


G’day there partner! I’m sorry for missing out on the beginning of this journey, I couldn’t remember my password for this side of the lab, it’s been awhile. This looks like a must follow for me, I certainly appreciate the tag my friend. Peace&love Peck.


Happy anniversary @Deepsix I get red stems all the time. I don’t sweat the small stuff any more lol But it will not hurt you. I forget what causes that. I know it is natural on some strains.


Ok, we have hit week 2 for these 2 autos. Both are looking pretty good. Progressing well. I expect them to take off now that I am seeing growth.

The AK here is planned to go in the other room and an autopot since it is set up for it. That will give more room to work on the Bloody Skunk in here. I will keep the AK in this grow to and treat them both to a little abuse lol

The AK-47 here is getting fed Jacks with Silica, since that is what the other room is using. I am feeding both every other day right now. Water one time, feed the next. Her feed ppms are 800ppm ish

The Bloody Skunk with GH nutes at 260ppm ish. Cal-mag and silica

I just remembered. We are going to do these on a 12/12 light. So I will change that in a minute since they have made 2 weeks.


Happy cake day man @Deepsix


I should probably ask. Would you people rather see this done through veg on the gas lantern routine or on a 12/12 I would finish either way on a 12/12 being autos

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This might make it easier to see how these should be grown light wise. Lights can be change right before lights out tomorrow night at 8pm West coast time.

  • 12/12 Light schedule
  • 13/1 Gas lantern schedule

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@Dennis62 Thank You

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You could get another tent and light and compare?

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@Not2SureYet crap how can I change my vote. Stuck my phone in my pocket and pocket voted for the wrong schedule. I would like to see a photo grown on that 13/1 schedule. It allowed me to change my vote on my own thankfully. Will be cracking in to see how they progress.

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Oh don’t give him anymore ideas :woman_facepalming: Haha he’ll be buying more lights just to do it lol


@Cannabian, I could use one more tent. A 3 x 6 :grin: I have a free 4x4 but can’t use it. I am going to need it to dry in. I didn’t think of this before. But the AK-47 is moving next door today. And will be under a 12/12 light. So I can do one auto in the 13/1 and the other on the 12/12

The BS is now on a

on 8pm - off 8am
on 1:30pm - off 2:30pm

The AK will be on the on 8am - off 8pm with the others

This way. I can keep more heat in the tent at night


Gkad I could help :laughing:


What genetics are you using for the auto ask 47?
This is just a one plant thread yea?
Your going to butcher that thing if your going to top it multiple times, run it on 12/12 or gas light as well as super crop or mainline which was it lol.


Thanks for the votes first off :+1: @Nicky, It will get as much as it will take. I want to multi top if she is big enough. She is to small yet to see how if she will grow wide or just tall like my first. The BS is on the 13/1.
The AK-47 is from ILGM, If she can take the extra light she is getting. She should be the one that can have every thing done to. It should be a perfect one to test on. I am still seeing that the autos are not a big fan of the Jacks as of today. Another week may show for sure as the BS with the GH seems to be growing just a little stronger. My TXL in Jacks are half the size of my GH one I did. Jacks seems to be great for my photos still.


Wonder if the jacks is to rich for them

I have a lab here I could mix up some Jack’s some chemgro then send the water sample to the lab.
Would you be willing to do the same for your GH feed? Possibly we could compare our solutions.

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What would you be looking for? I know what is in my water here if that is what you are looking for :thinking: