Not2sure With, they say don't do this with autos 🤣

Afternoon friends. Well. I think this grow is way over due for me.

This is set up and was planned to be grown in an auto pot. After I post I made earlier. I feel I owe it to @Cannabian to do this one now. I meant no disrespect to you.

The more I am on the free side here. The more I see others being told what not to do with autos. I disagree with most of the info out there. So, for this grow. Rather than keep telling every one not all your read is as it seems. I am going to try and cover as many Things as I can for what you are told not to do.

I’m not a expert grower or veteran here. But do feel I have a decent handle on autos.

Since this is all ready in the final pot. I will not be able to go from a nursery bag to one gallon pot to final pot. That can be done if you are in a spot where you need to keep a small container for lack of lighting or just lack of space at the moment.

I am not doing this to say every one should try and copy it. Just to show these things can be done. I think allot of the info out there may be a little out dated. From when autos were still new?

So for this little AK - 47 auto. We will do the following

I will use a 12/12 light schedule for those of you that may wonder if these will do ok if you have them with flowering photos. The first 2 weeks will be under an 18/6 to get them rolling. As of today. This is under a QB 135 light at 40w. @ 23"

I will top this girl. Depending on how she starts off. 3 to 5 times. To show that topping can be done.

She will get super cropped

This will have to go into a scrog. She is in a 6’ tent and these like to stretch.

I will try and trade a friend one of my Qb 135 lights for one of my old Viparspectra 450s. 200 actual watts. That way. This grow would be similar to what most others would be using.

If through this grow. There is some thing you may want to see tried. I am good with that.

I will be growing in coco and vermiculite.

This is in a 6.6 gallon pot. Not filed all the way up. Normally this would be in a 5 gallon pot for me.

I will be using GH flora grow trio nutes. I will leave it up to those watching this on weather I should use the Big bud nutes I normally would.

I will try to keep this one a little more up dated than my other grow.

I have grown this strain once before in my first grow. And if there is any strain that doesn’t like me. it is the AK-47 Even this one here took about 9 days before she cracked her shell. Then She ended up looking like this.

I decided to see if I could get her to grow any ways. here she is at 10 days old. Small but she will do fine :slightly_smiling_face:
It is on the left

If any one has any thing to add through the grow here. Feel free to say what ever is on your mind :+1:t2:
This is a grow to have fun with

@Nicky, @wizdumboriginal, @Missiles


Excellent intro into the wonderful world of autos.
Definitely along for the ride. :+1:


I’ll follow also


Now this will be a definite good one! Glad to see you finally doing it WC :sunglasses: and thanks for the tag :wink:


Thanks @Oldguy. I think this may be the fun grow I have been needing. I have probably gotten to focused on how big of a plant I can grow. Hey, am I the only one with out the regular tag :thinking: Looks like I have some work to do. Glad you made it @Missiles & @Deepsix Now, where is @Myfriendis410, @dbrn32 and @MattyBear. :grin: @anon43727043 and @Covertgrower so they don’t have to come looking :laughing:


You have it, you just need to go into your settings and change it.

Edit… i was able to change it for you.


Set to watching :sunglasses:


Sounds like fun. I’m in.
Did you pick AK47 for any particular reason?


@Mark0427, @beardless. It was this one or a Bloody skunk I started. Both are the same age. I have grown both before. The Bloody skunk is a smaller plant. And I probably could only get away with one topping if this is the same. I could do that one instead of the AK if any one wanted. This AK was set to be in an auto pot. So can be moved easy.


Well im set to watch. Always up for a new wrinkle in the brain. Next w.w. u do coco and ill do ffof same times i use gh flora trio also. I add armor si cal-mag bio root 3 part liquid kool bloom and at end dry kool bloom. Also have floralicious plus if that will help flora blend. And flower fuel.

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Ill top mine when u do feed the same and everything. Just let me know how ur doing it. Get a feed chart together for me and we can do this. Compare soil and coco 2 diff locations of the world and see the results. Where do u reside. Me in michigan. Go BLUE

@Mark0427, I am in Cali. My next grow will not be started till Dec. @Nicky wants to do a few plants together too. I think a WW was on his list too. So a guess for me would be about mid Dec. Maybe the 3rd week.


Damn out of likes. Juat tag me when ur ready. Should order my light 16 or 17 of this month so im down. Cali mich and where is @Nicky reside. My sister lives in vasalia cali. So whats with scrog nets and stuff. I dont get them.

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LOL, that was my last like. I forget they are not unlimited here. Nicky is in Canada. If you click on a users icon. Most will show what state they are in with a little info. I use scrogs because it keeps a little more even canopy. But mostly, it contains my plants to a set area. I can really spread them out in the bigger tops. The nets are good t use as guides for the plants as well. I use them to dry with :slightly_smiling_face:


See a new wrinkle everytime u say something to me. I feel my brain flexin on u now. Lol. Well ill have atleast a few autos by then do e and 3 photos by then. I just started to do just ro water on 2 of my photos gonna run them til i cant no more on ro water.

Quickie. How should i go about flushing the bubble bucket with the bubblegum. Same thing just ro water in the bucket for a couple weeks??

love to learn new things

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Oh I’m definitely set to watch this :call_me_hand:t3: Best of luck. Excited to learn.

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Totally following! No disrespect taken. However, for this test to be accurate you need to use a control dont you think? A topped plant in the same environment as an LST only plant? Not that I disbelieve you its just that even with photos, set backs will be noticed over time.
I suggested that topping an auto would not yield as much as the same plant LST’d. Now I could easy be proven wrong here and if I am I guess crow is on the menu! Lol :laughing: but thats what I personally enjoy about experimenting with cannabis! Is what we believe about autos true? Or us it bullshot? @Not2SureYet nows your time to shine!
After all we are all here to learn right?


I want to learn as much as possible too, This will be interesting to watch, Going to tag along if OK,

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