Not2sure getting back to autos 🏍

The Mbb may have to just grow though the screen. heck. it may even need a booster seat for flower lol


I sent you an quick email.

Well first off. I am sorry to be behind on every ones journals. It has just been one of those weeks for me. After lunch I will sit here till I am caught up again though :grin:
So I am not posting double pictures every where. I will add a link at the bottom of each update to the 2 autos I am doing with @Nicky as well as the twin 6 shooters :grin: That is a special side project for me. One will use GH and the other Jacks.

Any ways. To start off. We have the Moby Dick. It is coming a long nice. hard to tell she was only in veg for 4 weeks. :grimacing: This is week 12

Next will do the GDP. She is starting her flush today.

Next to her is the Blueberry auto. She has impressed me. I didn’t expect much from her when I dropped the seed

Over in the 2x8 we are at the point where we can put the scrogs to work. I see white hairs on the FP but not the BB yet. :grin:
The fruit punch auto

Big bud auto

In the 5’ tent. We have the back up Monster Bruce Banner auto on Jacks.
Last week

And this week

@Ning s Cookie and chill is a little power house. I may have to go back to transplanting my autos. :slightly_smiling_face:
Week one last week

And week 2 today

I dropped a Durban Thai close to a week ago and nothing. I dropped this 2 nights ago. And put it on the heat mat last night. Here it is this morning. The force is strong in this one :laughing:

The link for @Nicky and my grow. I am up dating now. I should have done it first
Auto Grow Off, Sativas, Autopots, Nicky & Not2SureYet 🚜


Everything is growing well I see!


Jungle looks great as always :call_me_hand:t3::v::bear:


kicking butt bud great job!

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Wow! I love the fat indica leaves. It sure is growing fast! I might try to start it in late Jul or Aug to pull the maturing flower into cooler temp outdoor down here. I wasn’t thinking of growing them because it says they prefer cooler air and my Summer here would be too hot for her. Great job! Thanks!

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Just a fun small grow lol.
Looking great buddy.

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Thanks all. Well, the GDP got chopped down yesterday morning. She was small. But nice solid buds. I am happy since it was only a 4 week veg and in a 2 gallon pot. This will got to 2 friends when dry. With our temps. I doubt I will get any more than 4 days before she is done. It is supposed to be like yesterday was. So around 90 in here again.

Since I am here. I am finding the 5’ tent is working out great for vegging in. The humidity is staying pretty good.

I have the Blueberry auto and the Moby Dick photo left in the 4x4. BB on the left. The BB is in a 3 gallon pot and the MD in a 2.

MD building nice

And the BB not far behind

The other autos should be starting their stretch soon

It is nice to be top feeding again. Every one does much better. Hopefully I will have the autopots dialed in soon. I am thinking I need to veg longer before turning the system on. That way they pick up quicker :thinking:


You can look back at mine to see when I turn my system on. I wait until the leaf tips hit the edge of the pot. Feels like it takes forever lol but it sure booms the week after.


congrats on the harvest, that central bud on bottom left looks great

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@Nicky, I was pretty close to that this time. Then hit all those pesky bumps in the road. All 4 in the 2x8 are looking a lot better today. All in pre flower now too. Now if they will just stretch a little. I have the lights turned up more than I normally do. Since this is a fun grow. I figure maybe I will learn a little more :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks @monkman, If I can get 5 oz from these 2. I will call that a win :grin: I am enjoying this grow. I have no one pushing to take anothers spot yet :slightly_smiling_face: I am far from near. But all ready looking to how or what I want to do for the next. I am thinking at least 1/2 will be seeds friends have bred finally. Possibly all since I have had a lot share with me. :grin:


It is pretty bad when I can’t even find my own thread any more :sweat_smile:

Well, to start. I chopped the Moby Dick yesterday morning. Every bud on her was solid. I may have to do a few more grows like this. For a 4 week veg. I am more than happy with this one.

I had just started the flush for the Blueberry. I notice today only the top is ready. So she is back on food for a little while longer.

The autos in the 2x8 are finally starting to stretch a bit. The TXL doesn’t look happy. But the other 3 are fine



Big bud


In the 5’ tent we have the MBB 2

Six shooter #1

Six shooter #2

@Ning s C & C


This site must not like me . Here is the DT at a week old


I changed the rez for the 2x8. It is at 990ppm Way more than it should be. I am going to have to mi just nutes for a gallon and see where it puts me. This is only 3/4 strength for pre flower.


Looking good as always B! My rez is currently at 1,300 ppm lol.


Thanks @Myfriendis410 I was wondering about upping the Jacks. The autos in the 2x8 are on GH. I know that photos were ok with that. Autos were hit and miss that high. Tomorrow will tell. they are drinking a lot now. Growing kids :laughing:


I’m having good luck with Jacks. Been using full strength since sprout good nutrient package accepts boosters.

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They look so healthy! I love the indica wide leaves. This C&C looks like a good indica strain. Thanks Brian to surrogate my baby for me!

@Myfriendis410, how’s thing out in snow land? Sure miss you a lot!


What do you mean it accepts boosters?

@Not2SureYet yeah the MBB is the best on my side to it seems to have good genetics but holy heck mine stretched and got away from me lol!

I’ll get update pictures Sunday and share.

The Moby looks solid love it, it’s on my to buy list and run an auto version outside.

@Myfriendis410 mine is at 1800 tds lol but I’m running chemgro 4-20-39 4g/g with also 4g/g for cal nitrate and mag sulfate

At 1300 what’s your grams per gallon?

@Not2SureYet. Man oh man. Take a leave of absence for a little bit co.e back and a whole new everything here huh. New scrogs it looks like new homemade greengouse box. By the way good idea man i had the same exact idea for making one also same exact way. Ill put pics up when i can pull it out of the shed. Wife got tired of looking at it in the corner lol. Look up on youtube ig maybe more fb too. Northern scroggers. Man the way this dude sets up plants is unbelievable he is trying a light under the plant on 1 side. He fills almost like a 8x8 or 10x10 scrog with 2 plants. It is super nuts and super super clean. Vegged these 2 plants for 11 weeks

This is a few of his pics. Crazy cool stuff lol. Hope all is good ur way. Been a while buddy