Not2sure back to GH and autos 🚑 #11

Well, much as I wanted to do 6 plants this grow. I guess it was not meant to be. It looks like it creeped back up to 8 :laughing: I all ready have 4 seedlings going right now.
I have a pair of Critical purple autos @bonnie1 A Jack Herrer and Expert Gorilla too.

In a few weeks. I will drop a Banana Monkey and AK - 47 auto. As well as a Grape God and Sour Kush AKA “head band” photo.
I set up a 2x4 tent that is now only for germination, and vegging up to 4 weeks. So far. It is working out well

This is the CP about 36 hours from the time I dropped both :grin:

Both at a week old

#1 at 2 weeks in a 5 gallon pot

#2 at 2 weeks old in a 5 gallon pot

The JH and EG started off as well.
At one week here


I’m pretty disappointed I didn’t get a tag into this grow…:cry:

Just playing, I’m here to follow along per usual :rofl::call_me_hand:t3::v::bear:


set to watching

Sorry but I have to ask, what’s the weird nut cracker under the bulb? Been looking at the last photo for a while now can’t figure it out. :thinking:


I believe that’s a tripod for a camera or phone mount.


Well, I feel silly. I thought it might have been some kind of heating device for a germ box.


I initially thought it was some sort of pet hair brush, so imagine how I feel.


Took me a minute too! That little knobby thing screws into a gopro. Camera tripod for sure.


Set to watching :+1:t3:


You already know I’m tagging along per usual.

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I’ll jump on board for this one too.


You did Get the sour kush??
Nice hopefully it’s well liked and you can drop a crop if it next time or clone this one?

The gorilla and Jack H are my fault we had meant to do a grow together so I rushed home dropped seeds and got lost in 4 days or 5 days of trimming… So my seeds died and I need to order more gorrila glues.

Although I just dropped my last jack H.
Set to watching!


Watching away! Show me your auto magic haha!


Thanks every one. And @Calizona is right. This is a tripod for my camera. I didn’t have any thing to set the light on. So I grabbed the first thing I saw. I really need some thing smaller than this though. @Nicky I did get both of the sour kush. Autos and photos. This may turn into an all auto grow. Just for light simplicity.
I do plan on this being one of my best grows though. :grin: @MattyBear I would have found you. :slightly_smiling_face: I was posting this when all my dogs friends showed up. Today is going to fast too lol I will tag those I see missing as I go :grin: I am so far behind here. :roll_eyes: Time to go get a couple pots ready for these 2 little ones :grin:


Made it …whew, Hahah I’m sooo far behind on everything but still kickin… watching when I can! I did get a diesel to pop a tail, went into seed starter today :crossed_fingers:slow going in the tent, soil temps are too low for me… may do a pic or two in a few days if I can get it sorted…tough dialing in a new place new atmosphere.


@Not2SureYet - your plants are looking great as usual!! I’m gonna buy more seeds, still deciding on what strain… looks like everything is coming along well…


Morning every one. Well, once again. Another weeks has gone by. It feels as though these things are not growing at all. Then I look back here at the week before and wonder how I missed how fast these are going.
Looking back at my past grows of the CP here only makes this harder to choose. I want to run these in autopots. But as you can see in the pictures of my other grows. These are doing far better.
These were started in un prepped coco with vermiculite just as all of my grows. These were fed with the GH flora grow trio.

Week 1 & 2 per gallon and a feed, feed, water schedule. 18/6 time and 45w per plant

Amour si 1.25ml
Cal-Mag 2.5ml
Tribus 1ml on feed days.
Micro 1.25ml
Grow 1.25ml
Bloom 1.25ml

Week 3

Amour si 1.25ml
Cal-Mag 2.5ml
Tribus 1ml on feed days.
Micro 2.5ml
Grow 2.5ml
Bloom 2.5ml

Week 4
Amour si 1.25ml
Cal-Mag 1.25ml
Tribus 1ml
Micro 2.5ml
Grow 2.5ml
Bloom 2.5ml

Here is the Critical Purple #1 week 2

And week 3

CP #2 week 2

And week 3

Next we have the Jack Herrer week 1

And week 2

The Expert gorilla at week 1

and week 2

I am a little hesitant to do the CP in the autopots. I have to find out some time how they will do. I have done 2 top fed ones before. One was 12oz and the other 14oz. So this should give me an idea if the autopots can pull big plants when dialed in. I know the GH nutes pretty good. So if some thing goes wrong. I can’t blame them.

Here is an idea of how well this is starting.

Here is my 12oz plant at week 4

The 14oz plant at week 5

And these at week 3

I have the rez set up to add these 2 in. Now I just have to muster up the courage to put them in pots. I am thinking about top feeding one and put the other in an autopot. All the plants will be in autopots this grow. So top feeding one would be no trouble.

So, should I do one auto and one top. Or just suck it up and put both in autopots


Mind if I jump on here ?..need to uptake some data for future ref…got some auto seeds in stock…:sunglasses::v:


you’ve had a great week of grow Not!


Add all you want to my threads @Arrow I am numbering my thread now so I can find them when I want to find a specific grow. @monkman it took a bit. but I think I am back on track finally. :roll_eyes: