Not2sure and She loves me ,,,,,,,,, She loves me not 🤔

Well, here we go on to another grow. Things have started off slow for the most part. So we will see just how much my autos love me. :grin: Every one in this grow have started really slow. My guess is the 30% humidity they started off with. I finally added my humidifier in the tent these were in and things picked up some. I soon moved theses to the big tent. Where I am back to low humidity. I am afraid if i run the humidifier in this tent. it will not do my filter a lot of good. For what this sucker cost. I want it to last as long as possible.

So what we have for this grow will be
Critical Impact 10 gal
Durban Thai 7 gal
Purple skunk mass 7 gal
Critical purple 5 gal
Gelato 5 gal
And a super bud if she gets with it

I will be in coco and perlite. And using GH flora grow trio.
All will be in a scrog if they grow big enough. The Gelato is the only one in question right now.
The PSM will get an attempted main line.
Here is a run down of the Critical Impact to date. You can see how it started off slow.

Week 1

week 2

week 4

week 5

week 6

week 7 today

This one is planned to be in a 48" x 28" scrog. I am now trying to figure out if i would have room to do it in a 4x4 top

All the others will be a week older tomorrow. So i will get caught up with them tomorrow :grin:


Watching! :+1:


Thanks. This will get moved to the 4x4 tent once my new lights get here next week. :grin:


I’m set to watch! Happy growing :hugs:


Durban Thai sounds yummy.


Hell of a line up WC :grin: so how big are we going to grow them :yum:


It’s a C99/Durban Thai cross he’s growing for me haha.


Thanks every one. 3 will be in 24" x 28" scrogs. And the critical Impact will be in a 4x4 screen.
And @Myfriendis410 is right. He had this one added to this grow for him :grin:

I figure I will just get caught up for now. And do next weeks up date tomorrow when these are another week older

So, we will start with the runt. With some luck. She will show me why autos are my friend

Gelato OG auto week 3 Not to impressive :pensive:

week 4

and week 5

Next we have the critical purple auto. I really need her to go one more week before showing white pistols. I am hoping to get 11 oz from her to do better than the last time i grew her. So she needs to show me a lot of love
week 2

week 4

week 5

week 6

@Myfriendis410 s Durban Thai photo
week 3

week 4

week 5

and the Purple skunk mass
week 1 This one is starting off pretty good


Love the line up! My plants got off to slow starts too because of our low humidity, but they need to adapt! Haha. Watching :v::bear:


@Not2SureYet, I am set to watching and am going to tag along. Looking good so far, even for a slow start :+1::+1::+1::+1:

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Thanks every one. For this weeks update. I was going to add to the pictures above. But fogto I can’t do that here. So I will just do this weeks :smile:They are really starting to show a difference now. I thought it would make more sense just adding this wee a to putting them here :grin: I will just do normal pictures come next week. It looks like I m going to have to really up my heater. it is in the room right now. but I am loosing a lot of the heat it seems before it gets into the tents. Since the 4x4 vents into the big tent. i am going to put the heater in it and hope I get some what reasonable heat into the big tent. I will set the temp at on 80 and off 72. With a little luck. I can get the temps in the big tent to at least 70 at night. I am only getting 70 in the day now. I also am ready to turn the lights up a little in the big tent. So that may help a little too. Lights are on 18/6 in there, so a little plus.

First, the Gelato OG auto. This is last week

and this week

Then we have the Critical purple auto. She is now showing white pistols :grin: I was hoping to get one more week of veg. But she will still be fine
Last week

and this week

The we have the Durban Thai last week

and this week

The Purple skunk is now 2 weeks old

@bonnie1, @Cyle1, @rumpelstiltskin


@Oddjelly, @CoyoteCody I am doing a critical purple auto in here by heavy weight seeds.


Set to watching thanks!!

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Read through this it should help you out and Happy Thanksgiving my friend

                        SLOW GROWING PLANTS AND WHY

When your cannabis plants grow slowly or stop growing altogether, there is always a reason. It could be a problem with nutrients, an
environmental factor, or something else entirely. Let’s explore the reasons why cannabis plants and seedlings may experience slow or stunted growth.

Sometimes, slow and stunted growth of your cannabis plant may occur out of the blue. Your plant baby may not have shown any signs of a problem
previously, but now you notice that development has halted and have no idea why. Here are some possible factors behind the slowed growth of
your cannabis seedling or plant.


Old seeds don’t just take longer to germinate (if they germinate at all); plants grown from aged seeds can also sometimes grow at a reduced pace.
Likewise, good genetics are essential for healthy and vigorous growth from seed to harvest. A random bag seed will not perform nearly as well as
quality seeds obtained from a rep utable seed bank.

Although requirements can vary from strain to strain, light is nonetheless a critical factor for the development of all cannabis plants. A lack
of “good” light can absolutely lead to slowed growth. If you grow indoors and suspect that your plants aren’t getting enough light, try to
decrease the distance between your lamps and the tops of plants. If you grow outdoors in pots, move your plants to a sunnier spot.

Cannabis Plant Growing Slower Than The Others

Any type of stress on your cannabis plants, including many hours of exposure to direct sunlight without rest, can also halt or slow down growth.
If you grow indoors and suspect light exposure to be the source of stress, decrease the intensity or move lamps further away from the canopy if
possible. Know that seedlings are particularly sensitive to intense light! If you grow outdoors and you’re able to, move your plants into a
spot where the light is diffused, such as around a shade tree.

The Importance Of The Dark Cycle In Cannabis Cultivation


How fast and how vigorously plants grow are influenced by the spectrum of light they receive. Make sure you use the correct type of light
according to each stage of growth. For healthy vegetative growth, you want a cooler light with more blue in its spectrum, a so-called
“vegging light”. Lights with a warmer, more reddish spectrum are used for the flowering phase.

Visible Spectrum

Over watering is one of the most common mistakes made by new cannabis growers. It’s like suffocating your plants, and one of the main
reasons behind slow growth, nutrient deficiencies, root rot, fungus, and many other problems. Don’t water too often and do not water
on a fixed schedule. It is better water less frequently so that the soil can dry out between watering’s. A good way to test whether you
should water or not is to lift up the pot itself. If it feels quite light, it is time to water again.

Watering Your Cannabis: How To Fix Over And Underwatering


Although not as common as overfeeding cannabis plants, an insufficient amount of nutrients for healthy growth can well be the
reason for slow growth. Know that the nutrients found in most commercial potting mixes will only last for 3–4 weeks; afterwards,
you will have to administer some more quality nutrients. Check the label of your nutrient products for the recommended dosage for
healthy growth. Also know that your plant’s nutrient requirements are closely linked to the light intensity your plants are exposed to.
Plants under intensive lights grow faster and will require more nutrients than plants under fluorescent lights, for example.

Cannabis Plants Growing Slow

Calcium is among those vital elements that your plant needs for healthy development. A lack of calcium can manifest in the following symptoms:

Fresh growth is slow, twisted, and curled
Young shoots are discoloured and turn purple or yellow Overall plant growth is slow and lacks vigour and vitality

You can avoid a calcium deficiency by adding dolomitic lime to your soil or growing medium.

Address a calcium deficiency immediately with commercial CalMag products that contain liquid calcium. You can add these products
to your nutrient solution or administer them as a foliar spray.

Be aware that some growing media, like coco, increase the risk for a calcium deficiency. If you grow in coco, you should use
special coco nutrients and/or regularly add Cal-Mag to your nutrient regimen.

Calcium Deficiency In Cannabis Plants


Incorrect pH level of your nutrient solution is among the most common reasons for cannabis growing problems, including slow
growth. The reason for this is that cannabis thrives only in a relatively small window of suitable pH values. If the pH is
off, the plants are unable to take in nutrients, even if they are present.

Make sure to dial in the correct pH level depending on your growing method. If you grow in soil, make sure the pH level is
from 6.5 to 7.0. If you grow in hydro, an optimal pH level is 5.6 to 5.8. For soiless grows, such as coco, a pH level
of 6.0 to 6.3 is optimal.
PH Tester

The HI-98107 pHep pH tester provides fast and accurate pH readings. The easy-to-use device is designed for non-technical
users, and can help both novice and advanced growers measure water pH.
Buy PH Tester

Cannabis likes it warm to grow healthy, and does best at daytime temperatures between 25–30°C. Temperatures lower than that
Will slow down your plant’s metabolism, resulting in slower growth. But excessive temperatures are not optimal either. At very
high temperatures, heat stress can also slow down or even halt plant growth altogether. If you grow indoors, adjust your
temperature to a comfortable level. You can also provide some cooling with fans that blow a mild stream of air over your plants.
This can also help prevent hot air pockets from forming inside your grow room.

Indoor Cannabis Growing: Relative Humidity and Temperatures


Cannabis growers often start their seedlings in small cups. Later on, when the plants have reached an adequate size, they will
“pot-up” to larger containers.

If you start your cannabis plants in containers that are too big, there is a high risk that you’ll over water them. The issue
is that seedlings cannot absorb all the moisture that is held in a large container, unlike mature cannabis, which can “drink”
much more. Furthermore, a large pot will also take much longer to dry out.

To avoid the problems that come with too much soil and moisture, start seedlings in smaller containers until they’re growin
vigorously. Once they have a set of 5–6 real leaves (not counting the cotyledons), then transfer them to a larger container,
at least twice the current size.

How And When To Transplant Your Weed 

If your seedling is already in a big container and you don’t want to or can’t move it into a smaller cup, water only a small area
around the seedling.
What Is The Right Size Pot For Your Cannabis Plant?

Use this rough guide to determine what size pot you should use for your cannabis plant:

Plant height 30cm: 7.5–11l container 
Plant height 60cm: 11–19l container
Plant height 90cm: 18–26l container
Plant height 120cm: 22–37l container
Plant height 150cm: 30–37l+ container

Thanks @garrigan62 My biggest issue was no humidity to start with I m pretty sure. things picked up one I put the humidifier in there. Now I am dealing with low tent temps. I just put a heater in the 4x4 which feeds into my 4x8 tent. I will find out tonight if it helps. Interestingly enough. I just started feeding heavier and the plants are liking it. I copied the info you posted. it will be a great refresher for me when my brain doesn’t want to co operate :grin: :+1::+1: I need to figure out how to set my CFLs up in the big tent where it is warmer to help out the 2 seedlings I have. Or I can see me going through this again.
I hope you have a great Thanksgiving as well :grinning:


If seedlings, but the cfl just above them. Place the back of your hand over the top of your plants. If the back of your hand is uncomfortable, then so would your seedling, rule of thumb my friend. Any time you need info on what ever it mite be, i can hook you up big time for your files. B’ll


Things are still moving along. I have a heater in the tent and the temps are up to an acceptable level now.

The Critical impact is doing good and will get super cropped in a few days.

The Purple skunk is doing very well. She is now in a 7 gallon pot as of tonight
Before the transplant

And after

The critical purple is doing ok. I am waiting for her to start her stretch

The Durban Thai is looking really good I think

The gelato looks much better than last week

And even though Bubba is not part of this grow. She is about as nice as I have grown so far

@dbrn32 since I am not sure if you have seen the DT you gave to @Myfriendis410 :grin: @Zenpha


I see it now! I do need a favor, please keep track of any noticeable scent from that plant throughout the grow. More importantly, after harvest and cure. Petty please lol!


@dbrn32, Will do. I bought new humidity packs for this grow. So no left over odors from the previous grow. I will tag you when I am start to notice things with her. One thing I can say about this one now. She wants to eat more than any of the other plants I have done.


Well my friends. I am a little surprised with how things went and are for this week. I am happy with the direction these are headed.
I really thought I was going to loose the top half of the critical purple auto here. She super cropped her self on saturday. I was not really thinking and just put honey and tape on her. I didn’t release the lines and pull her branches together to mend. I left her with a big hole in her. To my surprise. She didn’t hold that against me. As you can see. 4 days later and she has not shown me any displeasure.
4 days ago

And this week

Next to her. We have the Durban Thai. She has grown some in the last week as well.
last week

And this week

I am pretty happy with the gelato auto even though she is small. For how this grow started. I was not expecting a lot. I think she will still turn out nice.
Last week

And this week

Check out the Purple skunk. She is not wasting any time in the tent. Soon, she will be big enough to start training into a mainline.
last week

And this week

Even the Critical Impact is growing. We still have a ways to go before she fills the screen.
Last week

And this week. I am guessing she still has about 3 weeks before she fills the scrog

And Little Bubba just keeps getting better and better

Over all, I think things are starting to come together finally :grin: