Not2sure A little bit of every thing #12 🔜

Right on bro! I’ll be looking to you for a little advice in a couple weeks as I prepare my auto pots and switch to coco.


Do you use solo cups or nursery bags. I have plenty of seeds here. So I could drop one with you if you like. And make it a point to be here each day till you have her going good. :grin:
Once you see how much faster these start. And the extra veg time you get. I am sure you will be sold :grin:


Yea bro sounds good. Once I clear out my 4x4 I’m going to set everything up. I got 7 plants going at the moment and only wanted four. Once the blue dreams mature I’ll move them out.

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Looks like you have lots on your hands there.
Where is the picture of the raspberry kush in there? Lol

The cherry pie Cross is looking good.
I hope the money bush grows up as expected.

I hear the train wrecks can get big so may be a good idea giving away and getting a clone later.

All of them look pretty healthy though even your solo cup, minor yellowing imo


With this heat we are getting here. I figured I should try a cool vest for my dog Millie and me. She got so hot a few days ago she got sick a few times. She would stay in my room which is the coolest. And wait for me to come in and turn the A/C on. So far. This seems to be working for her. She is in here and not breathing hard. Mine is doing pretty good as well. It seems to work better the hotter it is. Or I can feel the difference more. Definitely worth the few bucks they each cost. I got a cooling vest. Light and comfortable


A newb in research phase here with a question. And to mention, the knowledge you guys throw down is priceless & I really appreciate it! I saw you helping another new grower with light questions. I was intrigued by your response about more smaller lights vs 1 big one. That’s interesting & makes perfect sense to me. Ease of moving, and opening up for different size applications. I’d never considered it until I read your post.
I’ll eventually be growing in a room vs a tent so say a 4x4 area won’t be locked down to an exact 4x4 footprint.
Sorry for the length of this, I’m just trying to get it in my head.
In short, if you were picking an HLG for a 4x4, you’d prefer (2) 2x2 lights instead?


@CC_Mo More lights will cost a few dollars more. But to me. You have the freedom to use only what you need. Other than my DYI lights that @dbrn32 helps set me up with and @Myfriendis410 built for me. I have 4 others that are HLG and 4 that are Viparspectra.
Of my DYI 260 lights. I built one that was controlled off on driver. The other has 2 drivers. Letting me run only half the light if I want. My HLG 135s have to be my new favorite. I can flower on plant with one light. 2 of them cost about the same as a 2LG 260 that for me would flower 2 plants. The 135s are good for 150w each also. If I was choosing lights for MY 4x4 I would choose one of my DYI 260 lights and a 135. I can’t do more than 3 plants in there since I need a little corner to get to my plants. My HLG 320 light covers a 5’ area they say. I use mine for a 4’ area and it works well.
The best thing you can do I think before buying lights is figure out the area you are really going to use them in. A pair of the 135s lets you shut down one if you do 2 plants side by side and one finishes sooner. This photo here was a good sized photo done with just one 135 light. It gave up 10oz of solid buds


Thanks again for the insight. Before now I’d never considered multiple smaller lights vs single bigger ones. The versatility is endless.
I’ll have a basement corner to use, 11x 15 or so total space. One or two 4x4 lights would have me locked down to just that. Two lights per 4x4 would open up more options should the need arise.
I’m like a sponge at this point soaking up all the info I can. Different strategies such as yours is good stuff! Your approach makes perfect sense to me. Thanks again, and I’ll be following.
I’ll be going HLG all the way no doubt.


@Not2SureYet like always has given you very solid and useful info. A 135 will be my next light investment. Right now I’m running two xl 260’s in my 4x4 and one 260 in my 3x3.


Thanks @Capt.Cola Just my 02 here and why I haven’t tried to use my whole 4x4. If you want to use the whole tent. I would suggest just one light. I tried setting up two 2x4 scrogs in mine. And then both of my 260 lights. I am glad I did a check before putting plants in. Even with both side doors available. Once the lights hit a certain height. I could no longer get to adjust the lights since I run the at 120 for veg normally. I go a little more in pre flower and full at 3 weeks. I could not get to the adjusters and also had a super hard time raising the lights past the stop of the side door. So for me. The most I would do would be 3 plants so I have a corner to get in to adjust the lights and maybe do some trimming when needed. If the Cap is running a pair of 260s in his 4x4. He can give you better advise than I can here. I need my lights pretty close to the roof by the time my stuff is done growing. :grin:


i agree with both you and capt cola but i went a different direction. i have two 4x4 flower tents and run 4 plants in each. to do that you have to be able to take the plants out because i can’t get into the back of either tents. ergo, i can’t use a scrog, but haven’t used one in 5 grows and suspect i won’t because i like to off set two plants by a couple of weeks. i have a LEC630 in one tent and a HLG 550r spec in the other. both work very well but again, i have to move plants in and out and rearrange to get the back ones up front to water.


@monkman If I was going to do 4 in mine. I would be pressing the buy now button for the 550 my self. :grin: I am going back to the 4x8 and use the 5’ tent along side it. To help try and cut me back on plants. With the auto pots. I could get away with 4 plants in there though. I am not sure how much longer I will be able to grow, other wise. I could see my self talking me into another light lol

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Getting old sucks (not that you are) and you need to improvise to meet your body’s limits. This turn table I built has really heped me alot.

Sorry about the plant in it, I had so much going on in the other part of my life that I abused her till just recently an she’s alot better now. @monkman you might be interested in this too


neat idea, great job pillsbury


@pillsbury I am getting up there :laughing: I am only 61 though :slightly_smiling_face: I had thought about some thing that would rotate. But could never come up with any thing that would hold the weight. Or not make me loose a lot of space. I like your set up. Any chance you may have a little more info on the materials you used. :grin: I am going to tag @AfgVet since she has mobile scrogs in her room. This may interest her as well :grin: @Nicky


That’s a nice scrog for sure


This is the base, 4’ x 4’ best to use something like 3/4" plywood casters I used were 2" , center piece is a 2 1/2" pipe flange & pipe cut to size. all the little pieces under were for strength and leveling them all up (wouldn’t have needed them if I used plywood I used some crappy but cheap stuff as this was a trial)

This is the top center is a 2" pipe flange with a 2’ piece of pipe cut to size. The corners were cut so that I could rotate it in my 5’ tent. for every sq ft you gain 5" diagonally so the 4’ x 4’ square was 5’8" diagonally.

I filed the 3/4" pvc screw type caps kinda flat drilled a hole in them placed a washer inside them with a dab of silicone to help keep them in place, drilled the top & put those nuts with the barbs sticking out thats used in furniture building on the underside (can’t find the bag to tell you the name) & screwed them together.

Getting it in the tent by myself was a bitch I wheeled it in the house on a small furniture dolly, stood it on end in the tent, wpapped rope around each corner used my stomach as a leverage point & eased it onto the plastic I put on the floor incase the paint wasn’t set up enough & might stick to the new tent floor.

Blow up this picture & look at the corners of the net I cut them with a 1 3/8th hole saw so they fit close enough to the T fitting. The only glue I found that really stuck to the PVC was J-B Weld plastic bonder sand all the parts involved. They also make plastic weld which sucked.
The next model of this will be more streamlined & the top will be vaneer (-5 for spelling) an not painted.


That’s an awe job brother …:ok_hand::sunglasses::v:



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Yeah I like the scrog, was embarassed about the condition of the plant tho. Thanks