Not2sure A little bit of every thing #12 🔜

@alienofasoul The temps are averaging about 85 and humidity about 50% in that tent right now. I may add the A/C in there tomorrow as it was 93 most of the day in there today. Normally it is just what the house is at. RH is normally in the 50 - 55% range though. My dry time are in the 4 - 5 day range.


sweet i am going to try for 60%RH at a temp. of 65-F
for a 12 to16 day cure . hope that will help keep smell and flavor locked in , i had herd anything over the temperature of 70 you loose terps and trics . ??
:alien: happy growing

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I am not sure about that. I would rather see temps in the 70s. But never am there. Out of all the plants I have done. I can only remember a couple loosing the smell during drying. It came back when curing though


congrats on a great harvest bud.

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Thanks @monkman Well, another week has gone by for the most part. It has cooled down a little in the past few days. Humidity dropped to reasonable in the room during the day. Right now. Every one is in flower and cruising along

@Nicky s Stress killer auto

The Durban Thai photo

Moby Dick photo

Critical mass mainline done wrong :roll_eyes:

The Sour Diesel photo @Myfriendis410

Money bush photo

And a Cream and Cheese CBD photo @Cyle1

And a one week old 90s bean from @Nicky


That stress killer auto is such a Wierd Bean lol.

Man @Myfriendis410 who’s the breeder of that sour D? Looks so fuzzy I want to hug it!

@Not2SureYet that 90’s Bean should grow so much better then the stress killer. Flingers crossed she’s a a female and not anything else. I figured you would drop 2 of those since they are regular seeds I fear that you’ll have to toss it.


looking great bud, i see a very nice harvest in your near future.


Thanks. @Nicky I dropped 2 and this was the one that popped. But it is also one I am sure is a female :grin:
I am happy with the SK. Her buds are starting to look pretty good. The SD is from ILGM


So many threads here I can’t even find my own :laughing:
Well, another week down. The Stress Killer is no more. She got chopped yesterday morning

The Durban Thai seems to have finished her stretch.

The Moby Dick is putting more weight on each day

The Critical mass is trying to keep up :laughing:

The Sour Diesel is getting better with each week

The money Bush could come out at any time now. I am going to let her got for a while longer. See if she wants to chunk up a little more

The Cream and Cheese looks like it may have tennis ball sized nuggets before she i done :grin:

@nicky s is in a final pot now

And I added in a Purple punch auto at a day old. This should finish leaving me plenty of time for the room change.


All look good man. Congrats on the harvest!!


I wish I had a like, I’ll be sure to like this post later. Haha so true I have to search for my own thread these days.

That Stress killer actually gave you a decent little personal supply, nice. Hopefully the cure goes without a hitch and you can enjoy it I’m interested to see how you like. It compared to the MD (MD will be stronger)

As I was scrolling down things are just looking so good in there B, the MD sure is doing a good job of building mass just like last time and the tops on thst SD! Wow they look soooooooo nice.

Solid update B.

@Low @Audiofreak @ash93 @Breezy @beardless not sure if your following this one but @Not2SureYet is Doing his thing here and it’s to good not to share.


Yesss looking fantastic!

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Gave him a like for ya!

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@Nicky Sure am! I gave him a like for you too.

thing just get lost among the notifications I get so I always need someone to tag me to pull me back haha.

@Not2SureYet Things are looking great and super frosty. Im jealous, the size of those nugs is ridiculous haha I love it.

I cant wait to be done with this grow. I really want to grow 4 of the same strain at once. Looks like you’re keeping busy.

Things looking real nice my friend!


Same. Ash can you tag me in your current one I’m out of date on everyone’s here I know I’m like 53 posts back on Low’s thread lkl


Thanks every one. I am out of likes too. I think some one may be using them for me :laughing:
I just looked at where things are. Most should be done in 3 weeks :thinking: Some how, I am not seeing that. It looks like most will need at least a few extra weeks.


Your whole grow is looking great! That Durban is a big plant. Good work bro :sunglasses:. I’m interested to see how the seed Nicky gave you does. Plants were so much different back then.

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congrats on the harvest! plants look great.

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I just finished smoking my last harvest so i’ll be back in action soon. Hopefully i still got my green thumb!

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Looking great Pharmer :peace_symbol::rainbow::snowman_with_snow::partying_face:

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