Not2sure A little bit of every thing #12 🔜

@Capt.Cola It is finally working good for me. I use the aromor si right now. I got some dry stuff but have not tried it yet. I want to use a little more of the liquid up. I think I finally have found my perfect intro to smoking.
The Moby Dick photo I did is great. Nice smell and boy can you taste the fruity flavor.
It gives me a real light buzz, but nice relaxing feeling. I could talk with some one with out them thinking I am high too. All tho I have yet to try it lol The bad is I only have 2 joints of it left. It looks like I am going to have to add one more to this grow. I will keep a big part for me. I think this is one I will be able to smoke a little through the day to get me used to it to maybe I can try stronger strains down the line :grin:


I’m pretty sure mine is silica blast or something like that. Good to hear you found a daytime smoke for yourself. I just got some NYC diesel and super lemon haze seeds to try as daytime smoke.


Sucks, I can’t catch you to send any beans to. I have a lot of RQS seeds that are autos and well liked thanks to @Myfriendis410. :grin: They are Diesels. I am always sending a few out :grin:

I am going to keep doing a little more each half hour till I see where my limit is.


You will enjoy the super lemon haze for a daytime smoke. The blue dream is a great day time smoke. It’s all about Sativa during the day :v:t3:


:grin: Blue Dream was a favorite to grow. I only tried it once. It was in my first grow. SO I don’t remember much about it other that it has been on the short list for a while. It is one that will be in my next grow. Yep, that grow is 99% set. :grin:


I was wondering the other day how I could go about doing that with some people. I definitely spend more time talking with you folks then most people. Kinda sad but true. I have enough to share some also.


Good to hear! My blue dream just went into the dark after finding some bud rot on two colas. Two plants same strain different bud density, size and color. I’ll see which I like better.


Mine grew the same completely different for being the same strain. There’s no difference in the quality of the smoke. After I jarred up the buds they got really airy lost a lot of weight and the Bovida packs didnt get hard. Typical Sativa?


i loved the blue dream i grew. but i didn’t use silicate and the buds got so heavy that they all were laying flat.


That’s not the worst problem to have lol. They seem to be a good producing strain for many. The frosty sticky ness of the buds really stands out. I look forward to burning it in a month or two.


In the process of drying out an ILGM SLH photo. I took a sample flower and we tried it in the bong: still fresh, but lemon terps are starting and it’s stony AF: you should like it.


@Capt.Cola lol I do the same, I tlsk to people more here then in my own personal life.

Silica helps build stronger stocks and denser buds, I grew without it but I don’t think I would again after I learned how important it is for the plant be I can or can’t notice a different


@Nicky Do you need to keep the 30 gal rez higher off the ground like the 11 gallon ones? Or is yours flat on the ground. @emgoldslo is getting one


6invhes off the ground but I keep mine on the top of a 2nd shelving unit for more hydrostatic pressure to avoid clogs.


Thanks. I told him you were on this side now :grin:

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Yah. I already built platforms 8” off the ground. Good to go!


@Latitudes I will re tag you with tomorrows up date. :slightly_smiling_face:


Morning every one :grin: Time for a few more pictures :laughing: There will be a few left out as they are sunday kids lol I am happy to say. We are not doing so bad still. Sorry, as you can see. My plan to do fewer plants got away from me again :roll_eyes:

The Critical purple auto is now 7 weeks old and a week into flower :grin:

How much did she grow you ask. Good question :laughing:
This was last week

And this week

@Nicky s Stress killer auto is doing good. I topped her this morning. Which is some thing I almost never do this early. But she showed she is ready. And it looks like she may be a smaller plant from what I have seen on line. So, on with the show
Week 3

Next we have the Glueberry auto. She is a confusing one. She looks like she is almost at a done point trichome wise and looking at her. But this is only week 8 and week 3.5 of flower :thinking: I will be watching her week to week to see what changes she will bring :grin:

The green Gelato of @Peck s is quietly growing. Looking from the top. She looks about the same. But looking from the side shows she is busy at night :laughing:
Week 9 and week 4 of flower

Last week

This week

The Cherry pie cross of @raps is charging on :grin: Week 15 and 7 of Flower

The little solo type auto is now on week 10 and week 6 of flower

The Photo tent has
The Sour Diesel of @Myfriendis410 s at week 3

Money Bush clone on week 3

And finally the Cream and Cookies from @Cyle1 week 3

I will do the veg tent later tonight. There are a few more in there :grimacing:


@Latitudes @Nicky @dbrn32 @MattyBear @bonnie1 @Mark0427 @Deepsix


great update Not! plants are looking fantastic, great job bud.