Not2sure A little bit of every thing #12 🔜

It’d not a competition, it’s a sharing of Intel to one’s greater wealth !
I’ve already faced that many many moons ago , now I want everyone who willing to grow to get the most :upside_down_face:and the best for less with not much stress !
Call Atlantic Records I got bars lol :laughing:!
You get my point , :point_right: :point_left::handshake: if I can share or suggest to help you get your best , I’ll try to explain it in detail so it’s understood I pray but I be on Venus by 4am after my concencration time.


Wow, this week sure went by fast. As usual. The CP is showing the most progress :grin:

In the 2x8 we have the
Green Gelato auto on week 8

The Glueberry auto on week 7

The solo cup auto in the one gallon at week 8

And my girl the critical purple auto last week at week 5 when she was super cropped

And this week at week 6 and filling in

In the 4x4 we have @RAP s Cherry pie cross

In the 5’ tent. The new photos have moved in

Sour Diesel on week 2 from @Myfriendis410

A money bush clone. I will say week 1 just for my records. This was from a friend whom I gave the mother to.

And then we have the Cream and cheese CBD at week 2 from @Cyle1

New up coming ones in the veg tent right now are a Critical Mass at week 3 from @Myfriendis410

A pair of Durban Thai Both technically a week old but @1 had a rough start but seems like she is not giving up.


And a little Stress Killer auto at 2 weeks old from @Nicky

As of today. Only the Critical purple is on GH. Every one else is on Jacks.


Very nice update brother :ok_hand:… Your world remains a beautiful green…:sunglasses::v:


Looking good B! My grow room is completely empty until January.


Yay your growing the stress killer!

Man that CP is huge!!!


as arrow said, great update! plants look great and quite a plethora you have!

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Thanks every one. I got more air stones delivered yesterday so all but the one DT are in final pots now :grin:
Thanks @Nicky This is what the autos should all look like. No more of the BW in veg for me. It is either to strong or these just don’t like it. My guess is with out it. This SK is going to be a nice plant too. :slightly_smiling_face:
@Myfriendis410 I hope to be able to say that by the end of Nov. too :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll believe that when I see it haha.


@Myfriendis410 LOL I know. But this time it is a for sure thing. I am setting up the big tent again. It is the only way to force me to cut my plant count down a little. I am going through water like it was free right now lol And these are all small right now. Most will be in autopots which will cut that down a lot though. No wasting all the run off each feed.


Every thing is looking good. :+1: :+1:


Plants look great! I’ll be going from gh to Jack’s for nutes on my next grow. Do you go full strength right from the start with Jack’s?


@Capt.Cola I do. I use only Jacks and silica. I tried my additives. Jacks alone made a big difference for me. The up side is you can feed every one from day 1 to your final harvest with it at full strength. Even autos . :grin:


@TLC In here. The Cherry pie cross is in a 3 gallon and autopot. My grow before this. All were in 3s and autopots. All here that are top fed are in 5 gallon pots. Those coming up will be in 3s and autopots.


The 3gal bag sits in the auto pot tray?

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Yes, it is a 10" diameter. So it is just a touch smaller. If you need new 5 gallon bags. Head to 247garden, they have the best price for these 5 gallon pots that fit in the XL trays. :grin: They are in the states too. So cheap shipping


Thats cool a standard auto pot tray will do a 3gal bag. Something else to think about :+1:t3:

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Yep, the plant I did for Ning was a 10oz plant. Still had room for the roots to grow a little more. :slightly_smiling_face: After that. All I use are 3s. I am running low though. And had all ready ordered 24 of the 5 gallons. I will just roll them down to 4 gallon size when I use them :grin:


The BD grow I just did used 5 gal bags rolled down to about 4 and used roughly 3.5 gal of coco. On the surface I got mold(not bad but there) the surface didnt stay dry. In 3gal’s do you get that.

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I don’t roll the 3s. But never thought about getting mold if I was to roll down a 5. That is good to know. I will just use them as a 5 now. I re use the coco so it isn’t a big deal to fill a 5.

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I’m glad to see you using silica I am also going to try it this coming grow. One of the reasons for me trying jacks is to simplify my grow a bit.