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@monkman If I was going to do 4 in mine. I would be pressing the buy now button for the 550 my self. :grin: I am going back to the 4x8 and use the 5’ tent along side it. To help try and cut me back on plants. With the auto pots. I could get away with 4 plants in there though. I am not sure how much longer I will be able to grow, other wise. I could see my self talking me into another light lol

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Getting old sucks (not that you are) and you need to improvise to meet your body’s limits. This turn table I built has really heped me alot.

Sorry about the plant in it, I had so much going on in the other part of my life that I abused her till just recently an she’s alot better now. @monkman you might be interested in this too


neat idea, great job pillsbury


@pillsbury I am getting up there :laughing: I am only 61 though :slightly_smiling_face: I had thought about some thing that would rotate. But could never come up with any thing that would hold the weight. Or not make me loose a lot of space. I like your set up. Any chance you may have a little more info on the materials you used. :grin: I am going to tag @AfgVet since she has mobile scrogs in her room. This may interest her as well :grin: @Nicky


That’s a nice scrog for sure


This is the base, 4’ x 4’ best to use something like 3/4" plywood casters I used were 2" , center piece is a 2 1/2" pipe flange & pipe cut to size. all the little pieces under were for strength and leveling them all up (wouldn’t have needed them if I used plywood I used some crappy but cheap stuff as this was a trial)

This is the top center is a 2" pipe flange with a 2’ piece of pipe cut to size. The corners were cut so that I could rotate it in my 5’ tent. for every sq ft you gain 5" diagonally so the 4’ x 4’ square was 5’8" diagonally.

I filed the 3/4" pvc screw type caps kinda flat drilled a hole in them placed a washer inside them with a dab of silicone to help keep them in place, drilled the top & put those nuts with the barbs sticking out thats used in furniture building on the underside (can’t find the bag to tell you the name) & screwed them together.

Getting it in the tent by myself was a bitch I wheeled it in the house on a small furniture dolly, stood it on end in the tent, wpapped rope around each corner used my stomach as a leverage point & eased it onto the plastic I put on the floor incase the paint wasn’t set up enough & might stick to the new tent floor.

Blow up this picture & look at the corners of the net I cut them with a 1 3/8th hole saw so they fit close enough to the T fitting. The only glue I found that really stuck to the PVC was J-B Weld plastic bonder sand all the parts involved. They also make plastic weld which sucked.
The next model of this will be more streamlined & the top will be vaneer (-5 for spelling) an not painted.


That’s an awe job brother …:ok_hand::sunglasses::v:



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Yeah I like the scrog, was embarassed about the condition of the plant tho. Thanks


Nice, hope it works as good as it looks.


Now that it has the net on it I’m sure the plant thinks it’s on wheel of torture.


@pillsbury just give her a Epsom salt shot next watering , 1 tablespoon to a gallon and ph it and in a day they will increase in size by 3 inches or more , crazy hoe Epsom salt helps move more chlorophyll through the plants :potted_plant:3 times better than Silica ! No wonder why grams thrower that salt on them Rose bushes every year ?


I like it. And never thought about the wheel idea. Seeing this gives me some ideas for re doing my 2x4 set ups.

@weedify I just started this grow here. The 4 autos are on GH. I should have added that I am in coco. So feeding in soil may be different if you ar using that.


That was several weeks ago it looks alot better now,thanks an I will try epsom salt if my Jacks ever gets in

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@pillsbury I thinks Jack’s require it with they Part A & Part B I’m not sure , never used Jack’s :thinking:, but it’s definitely ringing big time around a few growers here that swear by it it’s the oblybthing they will ever used. Me I like trying them all are mix and match one part of this , put it with that in the right N.P.K. ratio to see if I can get a much better results than the system by itself. Saying this just reminded me I don’t have Crystal Burst.
I think it’s was Part of the New Millinium nutrient line I believe , I don’t know if it was the crystal burst or mammoth p of the bud candy from advance , but I did used it in that time of my grows and man it was so frosty in that Lil tent , the snowman never melted while the plants was in flower you hear me.


@pillsbury @yoshi is right. It is part of it. Here is a feed chart I made if you mix up more than a gallon at a time. More of a cheat sheet. I use .2g more of the Epsom than what is called for. it keeps me from getting mag deficiency’s later in the grow. The 15 & 20 are stronger feeds I use through the grow.


@CC_Mo this is my new grow. 4 in here are autos. You will be able to see how long each vegs if you are interested. These are coming up on week 4 friday and sunday :grin:


tried to send a video but either I can’t, or I’m too dumb. only thing I can tell you is it worked. Before I drug it in the house I put over 450lbs. on it mostly toward the center an it still spun around, not as easy of course.


Thanks I will use this when the Jacks come in. I ordered it from a shop 100 miles away and don’t get there very often, but they are a young couple just starting their bussiness so I’ll wait till they call & drive on down. Crap I forgot, when I put the casters & pipe flange on I also glued them with constrution glue something like liquid nails would work.


Another week gone by here too @Cyle1

Green gelato auto week 3

week 4

Glueberry auto week 3

Week 4 This one is wanting to stay short

The Big bang auto is still on a march. Week 3

Week 4

The Critical purple auto seems happy. Week 1

Week 2

@bonnie1 @HollyHo