Not using small containers


Just curious on why most ( if not all ) start seedlings in small cups or containers ? The 2 I did that with ended up not growing more than 3 inches. Pretty sure it was my fault. But I did 2 in gallon milk jugs , placed a few rocks in the bottom and drilled holes . They are doing GREAT !! Why go thru the 2 stages of solo cups and quart containers before putting them into gallon pots ?? I mean wont it help the plants on not transplanting them as much ???


It’s a practice that some use for various reasons. 1 being they use a seed starter potting mix to start seeds in then move into a hot soil once plants good and established. 2 some like to transplant to periodically check roots for health. And the 3rd reason I can think of right off the top of my head is it helps to keep from over watering. Then there are some who do it because that’s how they were taught or because that’s what they see other growers doing. I personally use a rapid rooters to start my seeds and as soon as they reveal their roots they go into their forever homes


I believe it’s best to not use clear bottom containers cause the roots may get exposed to light… I usually start in a solo cup/ red not clear type, then it’s from there into 5 gallon fabric for me but grow inside only


Good point @Zombo I just answered the question. Yes light can and will burn the roots and cause you major issues. Those containers will work but I would either tape up the bottom soil line all the way down. Or fins some other way of covering


Your answer was spot on, I just re read the question and I didn’t really answer what was asked… thanks for the assist lol


First of all , How does light go thru the soil to get to the roots ??? Also … Those jugs are spray painted black … It not the soil you see showing thru , its the paint … … lol


There are things that people do and until after you have a couple of grows under your belt you realize they are good methods… for example I tried a 14-10 veg light cycle and now I personally won’t use that again… I will be using 18-6 only to veg… my plants went into flower and I want to control that on my next grow… I learned from experience


Oh then your ok, they look clear to me from pic…


Still dont know about controlling the veg, flower stage thing … I was doing the 16/8 lighting and after reading more , went to the 18/6 , 3 days ago … Will this hurt them cause I changed the light schedule ?? I’m guessing my little ones are in the veg stage now… Do I wait till I start seeing flowers before changing to a 3000 lumen CFL ?? …


Good move increasing light…, personally, I don’t think this should be an issue at this age… I won’t do anything less than 18/6… imho


I think I’d keep on with 24/0 for another week; they don’t look like they are ready.

I use 16/8 for veg and love it. My transition to flower is smoother too with less stretch.


If you don’t want stretch throw a week of 14/10 in between the light transition . It really helps kept mine to about a 12 inch stretch this go around


And yea the roots wI’ll grow out to the edge of that container and it really doesn’t look like it’s painted so we’re just trying to advise and keep you from running into a issue later


I really appreciate ALL the help from you guys … ( and girl ) Im really glad I purchased from ILGM instead of some of the cheaper sites that are out there … Im sure they wouldnt have stood behind their products like you all do … As well as having a forum for everyone from dumbasses like me to seasoned pros … I have been reading up on the articles about how you can trick the girls into flowering … Pretty good read , Yep


I planted in a solo cup with 6 or 7 holes cut along the bottom of the rim.
Then I put these into another solo without holes. None of them are clear.
I was using a sprayer to water, but after only 5 days I had tape roots out the bottom of the cup! So using the cup for me does a couple of things. 1. Fits very neatly under my T5 light. 2. Lets me see roots coming out the bottom. I went ahead and transplanted into 3 gallon pots. Maybe early, but don’t want a mess of my roots either.