Not taking a drink

On my 2nd grow. Trying Autoflower ther time.
So here is my confusion.
Panted in red solo cup for 1 week about. Then read I should have panted in my "ending container. Do not transplant like I did on my 1st non auto. So I transplated into fianal contianers. Same soil mix. Fox farm ocean and vermiculite peralite 8 days after transplant with a good slow soaking. They are stiil wet…according to my meter and by picking up weight. Consistently around 75 degrees and 57-60 humidity.
What is going on. I should have had to water? Here are 2 picks. They are both 6 -7 inchec tall. Light are 36 inches away.

@manitouboat You’re fine. When they are this little they don’t drink much. You gave them a good watering when you transplanted them, might be a bit longer before they get thirsty. Let the roots seek out the water and expand, you’ll see them take off soon! When the leaves start to droop and she looks thirsty, water them then. Right now they look good!

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Will watch for signes of droopy.

Looks like you might need to lower your lights closer so they don’t stretch so much


Yeah they don’t have the root system to take up much water yet. Just don’t water again until you’re around the 1-2 mark.


As a comparison, I transplanted this one from a solo cup at 12 days. Today is day 20. I haven’t watered since the day I transplanted.