Not sure where to post. What's your favorite?

Wasn’t sure if I should post this in medical, edibles or what.

I’m doing my first grow about 4 months too late. My stepdaughter is having a double mastectomy this week and I wish I had every tincture, cream and edible I could make to help her but I’m too late. I’m pretty sure whatever I could have offered weed wise would have helped someway, whether healing scars or lessening pain, I’m a believer of the benefits of marijuana.
I have COPD and as much as I wish I could puff out of a bong with ease, I cannot. I can vape, somewhat but dry vaping loses something in the translation, vape cartridges sounds like a pain to make and edibles, I’ve never had an edible that tasted good or did what it was supposed to so I’m kind of stuck.
What do you do, how do you do it and why?


I’m hoping to cross different flower strains to get close to what I need for all that ails me and others.

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Don’t know much about them but I believe @daz49 could help ya.

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:+1: Thank you. I’m old but I’m new to this, sort of. LOL