Not sure when I should flower? Please read and advise 🙏

My girls today. First time growing in like 7 years. Still learning so much :slight_smile: . Anyway they’re 2 days into their 5th week. I’m a chronic so I’m worried about vegging for too long, lol. But also worried about how much shorter two of them are haha worried about flowering too early and maybe losing a lot of yield, idk.

LST might have helped a bit , but yea those 2 are still too short for my liking, haha. One has been battling a sickness but yea the other one has always been a cutie she’s just short lol.
The shorter ones gotta be indica I guess and the other two something else haha. Great though I love a variety.

Opinions? Suggestions? Think they might catch up by the time they’re 6 weeks old? If not should I flower Anyway? Or?

Note also that I’m using them cheap Amazon LEDs that everybody criticizes but I’ve never criticized lol, so I’m like if I let the bigger ones get too tall that might be bad too if the lights can’t penetrate far enough.

Thx so much I’m feeling a bit lost here on what to do. Could be worrying too much that happens.


They are healthy and that’s what counts. Nice job @WorriedPlantParent201 !!!
I can see your setup but maybe you can try rotating your crop and see if your light spread is a bit lopsided. You could also take some clones from the tall girls and let the shorties catch up a little.
Raise canopy on the short ones up to the tall ones. (Level canopy).
Once you have your Photoperiod at 12x12 for 2-3 weeks they should complete there stretch and you’ll have a better idea whether they will reach your lights.
More information about your grow, fill out a grow support ticket, then paste that information here. For a better understanding of your situation.

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The light will struggle to grow 4 plants. That is a fact. No two seeds ever grow alike. But enjoy the ride.

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Thanks man. Theres actually 4 lights in there not 1, I have 1 per plant. And the 2 smaller ones are actually under my two strongest lights. And the 2nd biggest her light is actually broken lol, supposed to be “800W” but a quarter of the bulbs are gone. so might be getting 200 if im lucky? With 2 extra small grow lights i threw in next to it to try and compensate for the lost bulbs in meantime. And the biggest is under a “600W”. Smallest 2 are under a “1000W” each.

Amazon lights don’t run that high. Its a marketing scam. I have 550 true watts as I am cruising with HLG lights that set me back $800 at the time.

These blurple lights scammed a lot of growers. I had a Viparspectra PAR600 that was around 270 true watts. But the heat was insane. Glad I listened and got rid of those. I went from 95 to 105 degrees down to 60 to 85 degrees.

Also no more airy buds. It made that much of a difference.

I am not being mean as I want you to have a very successful grow. We all want that for every grower. I couldn’t afford top end lights at first. Why I went with the Vipar PAR600 due to the 270 true watts. Wasted almost $500 on two of them. That sucked.


Thanks man :slight_smile: .
Growing medium is Promix HP. Feeding Fox Farm trio with a calmag. Every watering, by the chart, to runoff. They been drinking that within 5-8 days. Longer for Trooper who’s been battling sickness. 2 clip on fans in there. No CO2 but theres a window next to the tent and i been airing it out every hour or 2. Inline fan being mailed hopefully ill have that before i flower. Heat usually between 27 to 30 lately (celcius), i aim for 27 but some days its really hot and stays at 30. Humidity between 55 to 70 i aim for 65 tho. Maybe this is enough info? or do I still need to fill the ticket out? Lol. Thx

Do you have the clip on fans secured? I ask because many growers have had plants get crushed from the fans falling down on plants.

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Thanks man :slight_smile: . I know youre trying to help. And 800 bucks? Damn man lol, that sounds like a never for me lol. I dont see me ever having that to spend on anything lol, but who knows what can happen I guess. Im glad to hear you managed though :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t switch to 12/12 as they are still small. I would let them get at least 1.5 feet before switching. I only grow 12/12 start to finish. I can do this due the quality of the lights.

I drove 6600 miles between three trips to Denver. Their top shelf is my crappiest plants. My first full crop was over 2 lbs dried, cured and no stems.

I spent $4500 between the three tips on marijuana. As you can see I could have made one killer grown room for a lot less than what I spent. Live and learn. I was actually planning to move to Colorado and my sister said I could grow indoors. Texas and their Draconian marijuana laws.

And as a Disabled Veteran, I receive zero pain meds so I am forced to grow marijuana.

We also don’t fight which makes it beneficial to both of us. I can travel the world and my stuff is safe and I pay the house note, taxes and insurance at $650 a month. So we both benefit. Makes it nice as its just me, sis and a Aunt alive from Pop’s side.

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Ok, thanks man! Maybe I should measure them see how big they are exactly .

Good to hear you have things figured out man!

PS Thank you for your service :pray::pray: ya’ll deserve way more help and better treatment than you tend to get :heart:

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You could switch at 1 foot tall. You can do a selective harvest. This means when the top is done to your preference, cut the top off.

Then let the middle finish and top that section. Then let the bottom go till it’s done. This will give you a better harvest. Food for thought.

That isn’t the best part. The main VA Hospital in Houston has turned off their phone system. You can not get a hold of them. Just wow huh?

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Thats an idea I never heard before. That sounds pretty cool haha definitely something to think about. Ty :slight_smile: . Also wow indeed. I hope things improve :heart::pray::pray:

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It’s been floating around for awhile. I did that for the first time and she is a creeper from Hell. You can actually smoke to much as it’s that slow. Not a fun high at that point. She is about 50% Amber. First time doing this as well. She is a huge hit between my 4 Taste Testers.

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