Not sure what's wrong with my plant

G’day guys I’ve had a few grows and my leaves are curling up, I’ve never had this problem, I’m thinking maybe overwatering?
I’m growing in coco choir 20200316_184410|375x500

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Light could be too close… I had this happen to one of my plants. I just raised my light and it went away. But I don’t know if that will work for you.


Iam new to growing ,but I thought I heard if the leafs are pointing up its something with the environment, if they are pointing down some wrong with soil.

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Check your temps and how close your light is.
Looks like heat /light stress. :v:


Welcome back! I vote raise the light.

I think combo of both. Light too close and overwatering. If YOU think you are overwatering. You probably are.

Good news! Both are easy fixes. So easy we don’t have to explain them :rofl:

@Jefferson In my opinion, don’t stress it too much. Try to make a few adjustments with lighting and try to get a handle on the watering whether you start using the pick up method, or grab yourself a moisture meter that you can stick in the soil. Edge cupping on leaves can get severe if not handled eventually.

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Alright thanks guys! I’ve raised my lights and havnt watered for about 2 days, never had this problem, I’ll let ya’s know how I go xoxo


@Jefferson Make sure you come back and let us know how you’re making out so we can help you any way we can :grin: good luck!

@Jefferson how’s your ladies doing?

@BornHigh420 they looking good my man!
It was heat stress, definitely not light stress though so I’ve turned my filter on while lights are on and directed a fan at the lights to keep the heat away :grin:

Also I didn’t tag this properly but these aren’t autoflower they’re “blueberry” non auto flower


They’re looking great! Keep doing what your doing and stop back before you flip them into flower and show us the results, I’m always excited to see new growth, both in the grower, and the plants! :grin: